Return Your Skin To What It Was When You Were 20

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Today I want to talk about an amazing ingredient called Ethocyn.  Created by PhD Dermatologist Dr. Chantal Burnison, Ethocyn was specifically designed to mimic, or simulate, the process that naturally occurs in young skin. Ethocyn is a competitive inhibitor — this means it blocks something from taking place.


Your skin is comprised of two types of important skin fibers: Collagen and Elastin. Collagen fibers are the structural fibers of the skin and do not stretch very well. Elastin fibers, known to be the ‘Youth Protein’ fibers of skin, are the ‘rubberband’ fibers responsible for the ‘snap back’ quality of young skin. Elastin fibers give skin its youthful look, smoothness and resiliency.

Ethocyn has an incredible ability to rebuild both Collagen and Elastin in the face. Quick results include wonderful changes in both facial texture and appearance. People who use ethocyn products commonly refer to the results as a “Face Lift with no surgery”.  A face lift without the surgery? Sign me up! In addition to affecting Elastin/Collagen levels, Dr. Burnison has proven that Ethocyn reverses “Elastosis” – damage caused by exposure to the sun!

Ethocyn’s clinical research shows that people who only had 1% Elastin and/or Collagen in their skin (punch biopsy)  improved their Elastin/Collagen levels by a whopping 166% in just 4 weeks.


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