Reusing Baby Stuff …. What Do You Think???

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Ever since I've been a mother, I've learned a way to save money. I tend to reuse everything I can (within reason) for example: the car seat, clothing, socks, extra diapers (put in a container and save back), bottles, pacifiers (as long as they're santizied and safe), and so forth. My mother also showed me how to work yard sales, getting good deals, matching ads, using coupons and rainchecks, and other ways about saving money and so forth.

Many try to make parenting sound difficult, but as for myself, I see it as a no brainer. Yes, I do make mistakes. Don't get me wrong, but when someone makes the statement about financials and affording another child, I tell them about reusing things and then I've gotten the remark, "Do you really want your children reusing everything and growing up like that?" I won't say whom made this statement, but I'll just drop it as … it was a FAMILY member that got frustrated with me when I talked about future children. This person never liked the aspect of my first child being born.

So, anyway… what do you think about reusing things? Do you think its too cheap?

I've also gotten many remarks about cloth diapers (I don't use these personally) and the old type parenting of trying to save money and stretch the dollar.

Don't get me wrong, I sometimes splurge sometimes and buy my children an expensive toy or clothes. What parent doesn't? ::Laughs::

PS. If you ever think about it, I try to show appreciation for what people have bought me (clothes) for example; a lady on Gather bought me an outfit that is 12 months for my oldest and it says "Princess" on it. I will reuse this outfit for Halee. I don't see anything wrong with that. I just want people to know I'm thankful for what I get and I also think this is a good way to save money in the long run that you could spend on more important things for your children needing (dental, eye care, etc).

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