Revealed! How Kailyn Lowry Really Met Javi (It Wasn’t Bowling)

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Teen Mom 2 may be a reality television show, but the cameras can’t be there for everything. Because of that, some scenes often need to be reenacted for the cameras including a few from the latest episode. While fans were finally able to meet Javi Marroquin, MTV didn’t tell the whole story of how he met Kailyn Lowry.

According to Wetpaint, the two didn’t meet each other while bowling, but rather at her place of employment! While Kailyn was working at Buckle, Javi and his brother came into the store. The ice breaker came when Kail thought his brother was actually his dad and they then got to talking.

Kail said, “At check out he asks to take me for ice cream and I tell him no, lol. Hard to see that looking back I turned him down! Anyway, from there he came into Buckle again and we started forming a friendship via Twitter and Buckle visits. :o) Eventually, I gave him my number. ;)”

Too often, people complain that the girls from the show don’t have real jobs. Kailyn Lowry has always made sure to maintain a normal life completely separate from her reality show life. As a result, she ended up meeting the love of her life and now they are happily married! It’s crazy to think that their meeting may not have happened had Kail not worked there, but it is great that she did.

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