‘Revenge’ ‘Collusion’ Recap: The Carrion Program, Threats, and Deals

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Revenge season 2 spent some time in Los Angeles in episode 12, “Collusion,” which saw Aiden get a pretty big lead on his sister, Jack and Amanda trust Conrad to help them with their situation, and Nolan do some house-hunting (but if only that was all that happened for him).

"Collusion" Photo: Richard Cartwright/ABCThe battle for Stonehaven took Daniel (and Emily) and Jason (and Victoria) to Los Angeles to meet with Donna Carlisle. And they weren’t the only ones to head to the West Coast; Aiden did as well, after Helen showed him a video of his sister and gave him 24 hours to kill Victoria. Emily turned to Aiden to try to dissuade Jason, and while he was briefly able to do that, Victoria also approached Jason. She explained that David had become vulnerable to the wrong people, and those people were about to take hold of Daniel if he didn’t win Stonehaven. Jason wanted her, and Victoria told him she was his if he did what she asked. Once Daniel found out that Jason was back in the running, he turned to Nolan to look into Jason (and Emily asked Nolan to look into Aiden). Daniel brought out what he learned over dinner, winning Donna over as he explained that while Jason may have been someone her father helped, his subsidiaries were responsible for inflated gas and oil prices after September 11.

Meanwhile, Nolan had gotten into Aiden’s phone and gotten hold of a video of Colleen, with the subject line reading, “A life for a life.” Emily realized Victoria was the target and found Aiden just in time as he had his sights set on her. She explained she saw the video, but he couldn’t let them turn him into their assassin. She suggested he tell Helen that killing Daniel’s mother would distract him and he instead helped seal Daniel’s victory over Jason. They’d find Colleen on their own terms and make the Initiative pay. However steady their relationship may have been at the beginning of the episode as they met for “an honest moment” on the beach, that all changed by the end as he showed her another video of Colleen. They made it look like an overdose. He blamed Emily if the video was real. If it wasn’t and she was still alive, he was going to find her, and he walked away.

As Conrad told Jack, their problem wasn’t the drug charge; it was the murder. Amanda revealed that the shooter was Matt, but Jack didn’t want to turn him in since he helped them in the past. However, if someone didn’t speak up, Carl would lose his father and Amanda could lose him before they had the chance to get married. Jack went to talk to Matt as he was leaving the hospital, and while Matt had learned to live with what happened, Jack pointed out that his son never got to meet his grandfather and could grow up without his father. And then later, Conrad paid Kenny a visit at the Stowaway and told him he had Matt’s confession in an envelope, offering him a check for his swift departure. But Nate planned to get the Stowaway back and paid Conrad a visit. Conrad told him that he’d been approached with investors who had plans to develop the docks, but the owners weren’t going anywhere. Nate argued that all they needed was the Stowaway to regain their foothold. The proper amount of pressure could change things, possibly by Memorial Day, and it would create jobs, which was in line with his new public image. Conrad told Ashley to close the door. Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, it was Charlotte’s birthday, but Daniel had forgotten (with Emily coming up with a gift from both of them), Conrad busy with the business with the Ryans, and Victoria canceling their plans for her trip to LA. Amanda brought by a gift (Carl’s handprint) and, when Charlotte said being a Grayson meant learning to live with disappointment, she reminded her she wasn’t really a Grayson. And so Charlotte’s announcement that she was changing her name to Charlotte Clarke came as no surprise.

And last but not least, Padma was helping Nolan find a house (which Emily offered to buy him in exchange for him helping Daniel), but any happiness for them was bittersweet and short-lived as he figured her out. As he explained to Emily, Padma had called Carrion a person a week ago. That night, she called it a program. Even if she got her hands on it, it wasn’t finished, with the sequence in his head. So what exactly is Carrion? It has the ability to knock Manhattan off the power grid. So is the Initiative’s master plan to turn out the lights? What could happen when they do? Emily advised him to play Padma like she was playing him, and he watched as she looked on his desk, presumably for his card, and found a drive, which she hooked into her tablet: “Welcome to Carrion,” her screen read. But Helen reminding Padma that something’s at stake if she doesn’t find Carrion did raise the question of what Helen has on her.

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