‘Revenge’ ‘Confession’ Recap: Emily’s Plan Goes Up in Flames

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Revenge season 3 continued with episode 3, “Confession,” and it was time for Nolan’s housewarming party, complete with Aiden and Victoria showing up together.

Poor Conrad was not doing well, having nightmares about his daughter stabbing him in the heart “for [her] father” and with Emily switching his medication bottles. Aiden wanted to rattle Emily by showing his face and told Victoria all about her sleeping with him behind Daniel’s back. Nolan was planning his big party, and all he wanted was an enclosure on the beach with dolphins so people could swim with them. No big deal. Emily told him that she was focused on getting Conrad to confess, and if she could, she’d do what she wanted to: clear her father’s name. Speaking of Nolan’s party, Margaux wanted on the guest list so she could spotlight Nolan on her magazine cover, no matter how much Daniel protested.

Meanwhile, Paul was taking a turn on the other side of confession, but the one taking his was Emily, and she’d forgive him—if he earned it. She knew he was involved in the cover-up and explained she wanted him to suffer like David did. She had realized too late she was wrong and told him she was Emily and Amanda was her friend. Charlotte showed Margaux around the Stowaway and introduced her to Jack—and Margaux saw Jack’s invitation to Nolan’s party. She weaseled herself in as his plus one. Victoria told Daniel Emily bought Nolan’s home and she was sleeping with Aiden behind his back. Daniel thought it was just Victoria being Victoria, and as she left, she called him to invite him to the party.

Nolan was hanging out at the club, planning his party, and noticing Patrick, and Patrick managed to get an invite to the party. Daniel confronted Emily about buying Nolan his house and Aiden, and she told him what she had with Aiden was fleeting and before them. He didn’t want her to give Victoria the ammunition to separate them. Once Nolan walked in, Daniel left, and he told her about his run-in with Patrick. She warned him to keep her distance since they didn’t know much about Patrick just yet. Meanwhile, Charlotte brought in a tailor to dress Jack for the party, explaining he deserved to get out for a change.

Emily interrupted Patrick and Victoria’s lunch with an invitation for Nolan’s housewarming, and Victoria commented she never needed an invite for a party. Emily easily got back at her for that comment when she made sure to tell Patrick Nolan was looking forward to seeing him before going to see Conrad. Victoria had some advice for her son: Emily and Nolan were thick as thieves. Upstairs, Emily spoke about paying the price for sinning and mentioned that Conrad could repent…just before Paul walked in.

There were inflatable swans in the pool, and Emily was right when she said “Nolan doesn’t do modest.” Margaux had already found Nolan when Emily and Daniel found them, and he told her he’d be in touch. So much for Daniel talking to him. Emily left them to talk while she joined Jack at the bar and told him she took what he said to heart. “So you’re always on the clock,” he commented when she told him she set a date. Conrad was someone who wasn’t partying. Instead, he was talking to Paul, and confessing what he did wasn’t even on his radar as a possibility. But for the chance at making things right for Charlotte… Well, Conrad would never really be a savior.

Emily tried to talk to Charlotte, and it didn’t go over well when she commented on Jack’s suit. The day just got worse when she and Daniel saw Victoria and Aiden, and Emily pulled him aside to talk, leaving Victoria to comment that they fought like they were in love. Aiden wasn’t leaving, and talk turned to how Emily bought Nolan’s house. Everyone was quiet as Emily remarked that the Graysons were completely bankrupt, and with that, the Queen had fallen.

Later on the beach, Daniel realized Victoria had been right about Aiden and wanted answers. She said Aiden wouldn’t accept that they were over and she had chosen him. As the party ended, Patrick found Nolan and let him know he didn’t want to be caught in the middle of Emily and Victoria’s histrionics. So how did things go with Conrad? Paul told Emily that he’d come forward if Conrad didn’t. He had realized just what they had done to David. However, he also had some advice for Emily: let go before she lost herself.

All Daniel accomplished by going to Margaux’s father about her article was fueling the fire. She was more determined than ever. When Emily went to tell Jack Conrad was thinking of confessing, he accused her of manipulating him, leaving her to defend herself. She appreciated him taking care of her sister when she couldn’t. But their conversation was interrupted by Margaux in need of a drink. Aiden did more digging and told Victoria that Emily didn’t have her money. But he wasn’t getting away that easily, and she was just more determined to take down Emily—using Aiden.

Daniel installed an alarm system at Emily’s and told her about his run-in with Aiden the night of the election. Daniel shot Aiden and figured he got the message when he never returned. He thought Aiden was back for one of them. Meanwhile, Conrad told Victoria he was confessing and there was nothing to stop her from doing the same, except for the consequences she’d have to face. But she couldn’t stop him from leaving.

Aiden found Emily and told her he gained Victoria’s trust. Yes, it was all a plan. And she had faith in Conrad…whose car was in flames. Paul was possibly dead, but Conrad was standing.

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