‘Revenge’ ‘Confidence’ Recap: Victoria Addresses the Media, Emily Learns More About Her Mother

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Revenge season 2 continues with episode 3, “Confidence.” Emily and Aiden run through a maze in winter 2008, and after she helps him over a wall, he grabs the flag. It was one of Takeda’s exercises. The media is everywhere, and they’re not leaving until they get Victoria’s story. A flashback shows WHM warning Victoria on the plane. Conrad’s death would be mutually beneficial and only cost half of Charlotte’s inheritance—or Charlotte dies too.

"Confidence" Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABCAiden finds Victoria’s passport on WHM and as Emily answers Victoria’s call, he finds a motel key, which he hides. He asks for WHM’s phone because it could lead to the Initiative. However, it could lead to Kara. Aiden tells her not to get distracted from her true mission, but Emily knocks him out once he turns away.

Declan and Trey break into a house to steal stuff to sell. Jack finds Amanda unable to sleep, and she brings up the nursery. He refuses to use the gift certificate Charlotte sent. It’s Grayson money. Emily brings WHM’s phone to Nolan to work on and meets Padma, which leads to Nolan awkwardly trying to explain what Emily is to him. Aiden wakes up in a dumpster, but he still has the motel key. Victoria tells Charlotte to stay away from Amanda and says they have to keep David being her father secret. When Emily stops by, Victoria tells her to tell the media she doesn’t know anything. Victoria says her safety’s at risk and tells her to stay away from the Graysons. Aiden searches the motel room and finds the flight recorder. Outside, Kara stops him, and he pretends to be a detective. He asks her about WHM, and she says he stayed one night. Once he’s gone, Kara calls the police to check on his cover.

Emily asks Amanda to deliver one of her father’s journals—her version—to Charlotte, but Amanda doesn’t want to jeopardize things with Jack. Emily brings up their deal and asks her again. Nolan’s going over receipts with Padma when Emily calls about the phone. All he got was Murphy’s own number off the SIM card, and she asks him to bring it to her. Jack tells Emily about the paternity test and thanks her for being in the kid’s life, having his back, and being Amanda’s friend. That’s what she signed up for. Conrad tells Victoria he doesn’t trust her. She’s planning to leave him for good by summer’s end, but that’s still a long way off.

When Nolan gets to Emily’s, Aiden attacks him, and Emily pulls him off him. When Nolan gives her the phone, she switches SIM cards and tells him she’ll explain in the morning. Aiden offers a trade—flight recorder for WHM’s belongings—and she takes a watch out before the exchange. He tells her he’s not the enemy, and a flashback shows Aiden explaining he had to win the exercise so Takeda would let him go. He found his sister, and he promises to come back for her. Emily insists on going with him, and after a kiss, he tells her to meet him that night. In the present, Emily tells him she won’t fail to find her mother just because he failed to save his sister and tells him goodbye. She takes out the watch once he’s gone; inside is a picture of Kara.

When Emily finds Nolan packing, she tells him it’s better he doesn’t know about Aiden and about WHM’s death. She thinks the antipsychotic he had on him was Kara’s and shows him the watch. Amanda tells Jack she’s going shopping before heading to the Graysons’. Emily’s also there, and she witnesses Daniel receiving an envelope with Victoria’s fake passport and word of her faking her death, with the threat of making the death real. Kenny, whose house Declan broke into, stops by the Stowaway and agrees not to press charges if he returns what he took. Jack tells him to let him know if there’s ever anything he can do for him.

Amanda brings Charlotte the journal, and as Victoria’s sitting down for an interview, Charlotte interrupts and says she knows the truth about what she did to David. While mother and daughter argue, father and son do as well over Victoria’s fake kidnapping. Victoria refuses to cancel the event and walks out to face the media. Emily tells Daniel the only way to beat Victoria is to play her game better than she does. When Emily sees Amanda, she tells her they’re both staying.

Victoria faces the media and says Charlotte’s David’s daughter, bringing her up. The Initiative calls Conrad about Victoria’s accusations against their agent and is warned that the course of action will involve his participation. Victoria then calls up Conrad and Daniel—and then Amanda, as Jack watches the news. Victoria says anyone who tries to hurt the family will fail. After, Daniel finds Victoria and says he’s willing to put everything behind them. Then the reporter Charlotte interrupted drops the bomb that Conrad offered an exclusive on the upcoming wedding before leaving. Conrad’s looking forward to Victoria resuming her wifely duties and tells her they just need to cooperate with WHM’s employees.

Amanda tries to explain to Jack when he confronts her by saying Charlotte begged her to be there. He understands wanting to be there for a sibling, but he’s had enough. He’ll commit to their child, but not her. Aiden rejoins Emily; he sent the passport, and it worked. Conrad and the Initiative are in contact, and Daniel trusts her again. A flashback shows Aiden was gone when Emily went to meet him and Takeda telling her to succeed, she needs to close her heart.

After Aiden leaves, Emily listens to WHM’s messages; Kara left one after Aiden stopped by. She’s going dark like they promised if she doesn’t hear from him. She hopes he’s okay and loves him.

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