‘Revenge’ Episode 17 ‘Doubt': Two New Previews Released

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Revenge returns in one week with episode 17 “Doubt,” but fans don’t have to wait that long to sneak a peek at the new episode. Two new previews have been released that give viewers a glimpse of what’s to come on the show. Warning, spoilers ahead!

The first preview finds Charlotte telling the police department’s sketch artist, “That’s the guy. You nailed it,” as the artist finishes sketching the eyes and shape of the suspect’s face. After pressure from Victoria, Charlotte admits that it was dark on the beach and she couldn’t see the man’s face. Victoria suggests that maybe the person on the beach was a woman with her hair tucked under her hood. Charlotte knows that her mother is talking about Amanda Clarke, and she icily tells her mother that she doesn’t know her half-sister well enough to be able to identify her.

Declan arrives for Orientation Day, and Victoria tries to get him to say that the person they say that night could have been a woman, but he also tells her it was too dark to say for certain. The two leave together and Charlotte announces that she wants to blow off the orientation for the beach.

The second clip begins with news of Daniel’s trial date. The trial will begin in the first week of December, but “barring a life threatening condition” Daniel will still not be eligible to post bond and will await his trial in the Rikers Island jail.

Emily suggests the best way to help clear Daniel’s name is to find Amanda Clarke. Of course, Emily knows who is responsible for the crime, but framing Amanda would keep her out of Emily’s way.

Victoria announces that Amanda is no longer a prime suspect and instead wants to look for the man pictured in a sketch artist’s rendering of the subject. Ashley points out that the sketch looks like Jack Porter. How will Emily protect her childhood crush from the Graysons?

It’s going to be an exciting episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in next Wednesday to see Revenge episode 17 “Doubt.” In case you need a refresher of the show’s twisted storylines before the new episode is released, a recap episode titled, “Revenge: From the Beginning” will air tonight at 10 on ABC.

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