‘Revenge’ Episode 19 ‘Absolution’ Sneak Peeks: Public Opinion and Strained Alliances

Revenge season 1 continues this week with episode 19, “Absolution,” and while Daniel has been released from prison, he’s not so innocent in the public’s eye. Meanwhile, Emily continues to look into her father’s death now that she has learned just how far the Graysons’ reach is—and how far they’re willing to go.

Revenge Episode 19 “Absolution” Sneak Peeks

It’s not so easy to change the public’s opinion of you once they’ve painted you as a murderer—especially when you have a history of bad behavior and are wealthy. That’s what Daniel’s facing, and as the first sneak peek (below) shows, his release from prison was not pretty or fun. Emily brings him home, and he apologizes for her car. Later in the clip, it’s revealed that someone spray-painted “murderer” on it outside the prison. Daniel may have been released because of Lee’s confession, but the public still sees him in as guilty. It’s not going to die down anytime soon, but Emily does have a suggestion. Since he has nothing to hide, she thinks Daniel should get in front of the cameras and tell his story. Conrad agrees with her. Will Daniel do the interview?

The second clip (below) shows Ashley giving her notice since Daniel’s free. Victoria figured it was coming and knows she’ll find someone in the Hamptons to take her place since Ashley has proven she’s more than just a party planner. So what will she be doing now instead? Ashley will be serving in a media relations position at Mr. Brooks’ law firm. Before she does though, Victoria has one last job for her. She wants her to stay on as their media liaison if Daniel does the interview Emily suggested. Ashley agrees: “It’s the least I could for Daniel, after all he’s done for me.” Like everyone else on the show, Ashley seems to have her own agenda. Will that be revealed before the season’s over?

In the third Revenge episode 19 sneak peek (below), Daniel’s giving that interview. When he’s asked if he murdered Tyler for the record, Daniel replies, “Tyler threatened my whole family. We struggled for control of the gun. It went off, and next thing I knew, I was knocked out by the guy who finished the job.” He says he’ll never know what happened between Lee and Tyler. (Oh, if he only knew the truth.) The interview brings up the public’s opinion—Occupy Daniel even trended on Twitter when he was released—and he says he understands that people feel like the privileged have their own set of rules. He finishes with, “If anyone commits a crime, no matter who you are, he or she should pay for it.” Was this interview a good idea? Will it sway some of the public’s opinion, or will Daniel end up looking worse than he did after it airs?

The fourth “Absolution” clip (below) shows Emily calling Nolan about a journal that’s not in the infinity box. He had it first, but he says he gave her everything her father asked him to…as he goes into his safe for that journal. She’s not stupid though, and she called him on her way over. She pins him against the wall and takes the book from his hand. He argues that he was honoring her father’s wishes and that he was paranoid and terrified the last months of his life. He wouldn’t have wanted her to remember him like that. Nolan’s attempt to protect Emily from that backfires though, and she warns him to stay out of it from now on. Will Nolan fix things with Emily by the end of the episode? Their friendship is one of the best parts of the show, even when their partnership is strained like it becomes with this clip.

What do you think of the Revenge episode 19 sneak peeks from “Absolution”?

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