‘Revenge’ Episode 21 ‘Grief’ Preview: How Will a Loss Affect Emily and Jack?

Revenge season 1 is coming to an end soon, and next week’s episode, 21, “Grief,” is going to be returning to the present after “Legacy” was almost all about the past (except for the final scene). What will Emily’s next move be?

Revenge Episode 21 “Grief” Promo

“A painful loss forges a stronger bond between Emily and Jack, Victoria forms a new alliance that could seal Conrad’s fate, and Charlotte sets out on a vendetta of her own with Declan as her target.”

For some time, there has been the tease of a death with a shot of Emily digging a grave, and this is the episode that will reveal that. The love triangle of the series is between Daniel, Emily, and Jack, and previews have teased that Emily and Jack will grow closer. What will happen between them in this episode? What else will Emily discover and get into as she continues to seek revenge against the Graysons?

The Revenge episode 21 promo of “Grief” (below) begins with Nolan asking, “Are you certain you want to do this?” and Emily, as she loads a gun, replying, “It’s the only thing I’m certain of anymore.” Something big is going to go down, and with this being the last episode before the season finale, that’s just what you would expect. There’s once again a shot of Emily digging a grave and one of her crying.

The preview also features plenty coming up for the Graysons. Victoria’s had enough of the lies, but how will this end for her? It’s not like she’s anywhere near innocent in what happened, but will she find a way to help herself while taking down Conrad?

Then there’s the issue of the love triangle. Emily and Jack are leaning in for a kiss. Is this in the aftermath of the loss? What will this mean for Emily and Daniel? While that is an intriguing part of what’s coming up, the part you have to be looking forward to is what ends the promo. Emily tells someone, “I want to be the last thing you see before you die,” and it looks like she’s been in quite the fight leading up to that. Who’s under her? Could she have gotten her hands on her father’s killer, or is it just someone involved in what happened?

What do you think of the Revenge episode 21 preview of “Grief”?

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