‘Revenge’ Episode 21 Recap: The Five Stages of ‘Grief’

Revenge season 1 continues with episode 21, “Grief,” and begins with Emily digging a grave.

36 Hours Earlier

Emily switches from a video of David to Conrad’s office. Daniel’s there, and she hears that their wedding is being used as a PR tool for the company’s image. They need to make sure Jack keeps his version of the beach to himself. Daniel has a plan. Nolan and Emily watch as Daniel leaves and the white-haired man pays Conrad a visit. Emily plans to create a reason for them to meet again so she can track him.

Emily lets Daniel know she’s not happy about these plans for a big wedding, but he wants her to meet with Ashley after what his family’s been through. Once he’s in the shower, she takes the memory card out of a camera in a book on her shelf.

Charlotte tells Victoria that Dr. Clemons wants to go a family session. She’s not so open to it. While her daughter meets with her therapist, Victoria meets with McGowen, who tells her they haven’t found evidence of a conspiracy against David. She asks about the Manhattan apartment, but the warrant is only for the offices.

Jack knows that Daniel’s trying to pay him off. He tries to get Sammy to drink water, but he’s not doing well. Daniel brings up Haiti and says the money could do some good in the world. Victoria pays Conrad a visit in Manhattan and finds out he’s with Lydia. Emily shows Nolan video of her and Daniel sleeping and asks him to email it anonymously to Conrad. She wants him to think the white-haired man is spying on his son and reach out. Nolan says she’s not a killer, but she argues that he doesn’t know what she’s capable of. She’s willing to take any risk.

When Conrad gets the email, it plays out just like Emily wanted. However, when she goes to leave to follow the man, Daniel and Ashley show up to talk about the wedding. She steps aside and calls Nolan to go for her. It’s how he’s going to prove that he meant it when he said he’d help her avenge her father.

Victoria pays Lydia a visit and says that the government’s building a case against Conrad. Lydia perjured herself, so they’ll be going after her too. Lydia knows she did this, and Victoria says she was smart enough to secure herself immunity. She asked them to grant Lydia the same courtesy. Victoria looks at the art on the wall and wonders why Conrad’s holding onto a forgery. She slices it open, and inside is the evidence.

Tragic Loss on Revenge

Emily’s clearly distracted from wedding talk with Nolan’s text updating her on the meeting. Conrad tells the white-haired man that he has evidence he’ll use to expose him and his employees if he threatens his son, fiancée, or family, and the man says he didn’t threaten Daniel. Nolan lets Emily know when the man leaves, and Daniel finally has enough. She argues that the big wedding isn’t her, but he reminds her that she’s marrying into his family. He and Ashley end up leaving.

Jack enters the Stowaway looking for Sammy. When he heads back out, Declan’s classmate, Jaime, says they’ll go look too instead of doing their project. Emily tells Nolan to text her the address once she’s ready to go. The lights flicker in the man’s house as he sets clocks. Emily loosens the porch light, turning it off, and rings the bell. The man takes out a gun when he answers it.

Nolan’s posing as the cable company responding to outages. He sent Emily to the wrong address to protect her. After he “fixes the cable,” the man stops Nolan from leaving and asks for a card to tell his supervisor he was happy with the service. Nolan says there’s a form on the website, and the man makes it a point to note the name on his uniform.

Lydia tells Conrad that she found Victoria tearing into the painting. She left a note. “Once a fraud, always a fraud,” where the evidence was. Emily finds Sammy on her porch and calls Jack. Conrad arrives late to family therapy and as part of the “I like but I need” exercise, tells Victoria he needs her to return what she stole. She needs him to now that others have been betraying him too (such as the woman in his bed). Charlotte says nothing’s going to change and the only way out is to leave.

Emily remembers playing with Sammy when they were young and he was a puppy as they cry over him. When Declan and Jaime return from looking, Charlotte stops by, upset. She wants to stay with him, but then Jaime walks out of the bathroom in his shirt. She acts just like you’d expect. Daniel tells Victoria she’s dead to him if she destroys Conrad. Emily hugs Jack as they mourn, and they end up kissing. Ashley watches from the porch.

As they finish digging the grave, Jack says he feels like the only part of him hanging onto Amanda is being buried too. Emily suggests Sammy knew it was time to let go. Jack thinks that Sammy was leading him to her. She doesn’t know what they’re going to do.

Charlotte gets more drugs. Victoria gives Daniel the evidence, and as Emily and she both listen, he calls Conrad to tell him he has it. Nolan calls Emily, and she thanks him for what he did. He reveals that he set up a camera in the man’s house. She says he’s a good friend and hangs up when Daniel comes home. She makes sure to leave his briefcase on the table when she leads him upstairs. Nolan watches the man and realizes the clocks are wrong. The man attacks him from behind.

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