‘Revenge’ Season 2 Episode 6 Sneak Peeks: Dealing with Mason, Someone’s Missing the Wedding

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Revenge season 2 continues Sunday with episode 6, “Illusion,” which will see Victoria and Conrad’s wedding and Emily having to do some scheming to get Mason Treadwell off her and Amanda.

Season 2 Episode 6 “Illusion” Clips

"Illusion" Photo: Eric McCandless/ABCThe first “Illusion” sneak peek (below) shows Emily coaching Amanda in how to deal with Mason. She makes sure she knows the details for when Mason questions her. Fortunately, Emily always has something else in place to steer Mason’s focus away from her—and it’s going to lead him back to the Graysons. Will she have a hand in Conrad’s arrest?

In the second clip (below), Jack finds Kenny arguing with his liquor guy. Kenny says he can get better prices, but is it legal? It doesn’t matter, because all Jack gets from his usual guy is that his father would be ashamed of him and to be careful who he’s getting into business with. Uh-oh. How long will it be before Jack is on to the fact that Kenny can’t be trusted?

In the third sneak peek (below), the Graysons are getting ready for the big event, and that means figuring out accessories. Charlotte has something for Victoria to wear for the day, something borrowed and something blue. However, Charlotte says she can’t go out there and fake it. Conrad tells her they’re not faking it. She’s instead going to help Declan at the Stowaway. She has something real in her life; Victoria and Conrad can’t say the same. So it looks like Charlotte will be missing out on the big day—and that means missing out on Conrad’s arrest. Can you really blame her after everything this family has done to one another? She probably has the right idea about skipping the event.

The fourth clip (below) shows the awkwardness that is Emily, Aiden, Daniel, and Ashley talking. Aiden explains that Takeda suggested he look Emily up and admires that she and Daniel had an amicable breakup. Emily’s just happy they can all be friends. Speaking of friends, there’s still the question of the photos of Aiden and Ashley dancing. Just what’s the story there?

In the fifth Revenge season 2 episode 6 clip (below), everyone’s watching as Victoria walks down the aisle. When she gets to Conrad, he tells her he was worried she wouldn’t be coming. Is Victoria up to something? Was she making sure something was in place before the wedding? “Till death do us part,” Victoria reminds him, and it certainly seems like she has something up her sleeve.

The sixth sneak peek (below) shows Daniel cutting in on Victoria and Conrad, and he comments on the impression she made at the altar. She in turn tells him people have been commenting on the impression he’s making at work—and that’s a good thing. Victoria explains, “Now more than ever it’s important for the board to recognize you as a worthy successor to your father.” If she’s not up to something, it would be surprising. Will she have a role in Conrad’s upcoming arrest?

What do you think of the Revenge season 2 episode 6 sneak peeks from “Illusion”?

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