‘Revenge’ Season 2 Episode 7 ‘Exposure’ Preview: Will Mason Uncover the Whole Truth?

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Revenge season 2 continues next week with episode 7, “Exposure,” which will see Mason continue his investigation into Amanda and Emily and the Graysons face having the Initiative back in their lives.

Season 2 Episode 7 “Exposure” Promo

Things get complicated as Mason Treadwell delves further into Emily’s past while Kara begins to unravel, putting the Graysons in her crosshairs.”

"Exposure" Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABCAs “Illusion” showed, though Emily worked hard to get Mason’s attention focused elsewhere, it all came back to her by the end—and he may have connected the pieces in just the way she didn’t want him to. Meanwhile, episode 6 also ended with Conrad once against owing the Initiative and once again with no idea what he’s promised them. Will it be just as bad—or possibly worse—than last time?

The Revenge season 2 episode 7 promo for “Exposure” (below) shows that Mason is now questioning Emily—and about what brought her there. She says it was location. His board of information isn’t going to be just for his eyes for long, and the end of the preview shows Emily telling Mason, “I’m here to make a deal.” Could she possibly tell him what he suspects is true? Is it possible that Mason will know the entire truth by the end of the episode? Meanwhile, it looks like Aiden may be enlisting Nolan’s help for something, Amanda’s up to something, someone’s got a gun, and Victoria has a warning about keeping secrets. And why does Aiden have the baby?

What do you think of the Revenge season 2 episode 7 preview of “Exposure”?

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

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