‘Revenge’ Season 2 Finale ‘Truth Part 2′: Reactions From Cast on Script

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Revenge season 2 is about to film the final scenes for the very last episode. The cast got their scripts on Friday, went over them, and finished Tuesday. Now, they’re about to go on set and shoot the episode everyone is dying to see — “Truth Part 2.”

The show will have two-part finale episodes with the first hour called “Truth Part 1.”

A few of the actors posted their reactions after reading through the last script of the season. Revenge writers even got in on the game and teased fans.

@RevengeWriters of the hit drama tweeted this to fans after the final reading was done before filming:

“Just finished the final table read of Season 2. Hearts melted, minds blown. #Revenge”

Then the cast tweeted just enough about what’s ahead on the finale to tease viewers. Whatever happens at the end of the season shocks the actors and actresses of the show. Check out what everyone had to say!

Ashley Madekwe, who plays Ashley Davenport, posted this:

“Last table read of season 2…. Ep 22 had us all crying!”

Barry Sloane, who portrays Aiden Mathis, tweeted this:

“Just finished the table read for the #Revenge Season 2 Finale. It will be #Epic”

On Friday, Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan Ross, had this to say:

“Picking up the pieces of my mind that just got blown all over the floor reading part 2 of the @revenge S2 finale #YouAreNotReadyForThis :o”

It goes without saying that even the actors want to keep us interested in watching the show by telling fans the show will have an amazing finale. In this case, they’re not exaggerating. Revenge has had more twists and turns with so much suspense, it’s hard to stay away. The audience just has to see what happens next.

The season finale episodes of season 2 airs Sunday, May 12 on ABC at 9 p.m., ET/PT.

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