‘Revenge’ Season 2 Premiere ‘Destiny’ Sneak Peeks: Emily and Nolan, Daniel and Conrad

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Revengeseason 2 premieres on September 30 with episode 1, “Destiny,” which will see the aftermath of the big cliffhangers from last season. What’s the latest about Amanda? Can she be trusted?

Season 2 Episode 1 “Destiny” Clips

"Destiny" Photo Credit: Karen Neal/ABCWhen season 1 ended, Amanda surprised Emily by returning—and returning pregnant. That threw a wrench in Emily’s plans to talk to Jack, and now, she’s going to be dealing with what this means. Amanda’s sticking around, but can she be trusted? What exactly was she up to while she was off with Takeda for all that time? What will Emily do about Amanda hanging around?

Two of the Revenge season 2 episode 1 sneak peeks from the premiere “Destiny” address just that. The first (below) shows Nolan and Emily back in the Hamptons and doing some catching up about Amanda. Apparently Takeda told Emily he was training Amanda to be her ally, but clearly, she has some doubts about that. She doesn’t trust anyone until she finds out what happened to her mother. Nolan does take a chance asking Emily about her guest room count (he’s selling his house because of the “bad mojo”), but she shoots him down pretty quickly. “Thanks for mulling that over,” he replies. Oh, now don’t you want to see Nolan living with Emily? Imagine how amazing that would be. Will he be able to convince her to change her mind? Where will he be living in season 2?

The second clip (below) shows Emily finding Amanda, who tells her Takeda debriefed her and she’s there to help. However, Emily’s on a different path. It’s not like she’s going to clue her in on everything that she’s learned. Amanda makes sure Emily knows she’s not going anywhere and she and Jack are in it together for real, and when Emily reminds her Jack thinks she’s her, Amanda points out, “If he learns the truth about me, everyone learns the truth about you.” Ouch. However, Emily gets her back when Nick walks in and Emily tells him Amanda asked her to be the baby’s godmother. Amanda better be careful; Emily knows exactly how to handle this situation.

The third sneak peek (below) shows Conrad finding Daniel drinking and agreeing he has cause to celebrate. He’s going to lift the contingencies on his trust fund—but with some terms, of course. Conrad points out that the family’s ventures usually pay off, but Daniel says Victoria would have a different opinion about that. He tells Conrad that what happened to her is on both of them. Conrad would rather live with that rich. This season is supposed to see a darker Daniel, which is easy to see coming. Just because Victoria is dead (supposedly) doesn’t mean the Graysons have changed.

What do you think of the Revenge season 2 premiere sneak peeks from episode 1 “Destiny”?

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/ABC

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