‘Revenge’ Season 2 Preview: Emily’s New Priorities, A Major Clue About Victoria?

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Revenge is back for its second season at the end of the month on September 30, and the first episode, “Destiny,” should provide some answers after that major cliffhanger from May.

Season 2 Promo

"Destiny" Photo Credit: Karen Neal/ABCSeason 1 ended with multiple possible deaths, a surprise pregnancy, and Emily finding out her mother’s alive. All summer, fans have been wondering if Victoria Grayson is really dead. Could there really be no Madeleine Stowe in season 2? The latest preview that is now out has a major clue that doesn’t point to anything good. But is it just to make you think that?

The Revenge season 2 promo (below) features the voiceover stating that Emily’s “greatest enemy is gone.” Furthermore, the preview shows that everyone’s acting as if she is now “the late, great Victoria Grayson,” and Conrad even says, “May she rest in peace.” Is Victoria dead? Could this just be to make you think she’s dead and she’ll pop up at the end of the premiere or even a couple of episodes in?

Meanwhile, Emily has decided to shift her priorities. She’s not the only one who will be making some changes, as it looks like Nolan’s going to be getting into the boxing ring. Will there be even more reason to love Nolan in season 2? Also in the promo is a look at someone up to some surveillance work, Nolan warning Emily “they’re coming for you,” and Emily not at all worried about that. Oh, it looks like the Hamptons are going to be just as fun this season as it was last year.

What do you think of the latest Revenge season 2 preview?

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/ABC

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