‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers and Premiere Title Revealed: What’s Coming up for Emily?

Revenge will be back for its second season this fall, and when it returns, the cliffhangers of the season 1 finale will finally be resolved, giving fans answers they’ve been eager to get for months.

Season 2 Premiere Title Revealed

SpoilerTV has revealed that the season 2 premiere is “Bound.” That first episode will reveal who lived and died after the big cliffhanger. Did Charlotte survive her overdose? Was Victoria on that plane? What’s coming next for Emily with her mother alive (and who will be Emily’s mother)? That’s not to mention what’s going on with Daniel going oh-so-dark and his thing with Ashley.

Revenge season 2 is slated to introduce a number of new characters, not just Emily’s mother. Victoria’s mother will be showing up as well, as will Conrad’s son from his first marriage. Basically, they’re setting themselves up for quite an exciting, dramatic second season of the ABC hit series. After how the first season ended, would you expect anything different?

But what does the title mean? There have been spoilers out for some time that the second season would begin with a wedding, then flashback and show how they got there, much like they did with the party in the first. Is “Bound” alluding to the marriage? Who will be getting married? How long will pregnant Amanda be around and with Jack? How will Emily deal with having her around now? Will she even be able to focus on that with the reveal that her mother’s alive?

What do you think of the latest Revenge season 2 spoilers and episode title?

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