‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: Daniel and Ashley, Daniel’s Dark Side

Revenge season 1 ended with Emily and Daniel broken up and Daniel heading down a dark path, with Ashley in the end. But what happened there and what’s coming up for the Grayson son?

Season 2 Spoilers

Joshua Bowman talked to E! Online and revealed that there was more to Daniel and Ashley’s scene in the finale than drinking together: “The shock was me getting with Ashley. I don’t know if they shot that actually.” Fans have been wondering if something more happened there or if something will happen in the future for those two. There’s the answer. How will that impact season 2? Ashley does have her own agenda, and you have to wonder how Daniel fits into that. Is this all part of her plan? How will Emily react to this? How will this affect her going forward?

Bowman also talked about what he wants to see from Daniel in Revenge season 2: “I just hope Mike [Kelley] keeps me going in a direction. To be a pawn in the game isn’t really that much fun but to have a purpose and an agenda is what the show is really about. You’ve got to buy some poker chips to play in the game.” The big question for the fall is how dark Daniel is going to get, and with everything that has happened—especially if Victoria dies—it could get pretty dark. There’s also the matter of Charlotte’s fate; if he loses his sister and his mother at the same time, he could be even more susceptible to outside influences, which could lead to him going darker and darker. Will he be doing some scheming himself in season 2? When you then factor in Ashley’s role in this, anything could happen for Daniel in the fall.

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