‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: Dark Daniel, What Emily VanCamp Wants for Her Character

Revenge season 1 ended with a few cliffhangers, including Victoria’s possible death, Amanda’s pregnancy, and Emily finding out her mother’s alive. There’s so much for them to explore in season 2, but what could be coming up?

Season 2 Spoilers

E! Online talked to some of the cast about what’s coming up and what they want to see come up. According to Joshua Bowman, Daniel will be “darker and deeper,” something which Mike Kelley also said is coming in the second season. However, Bowman doesn’t seem to think it will stick: “I’m sure he’ll take a complete U-turn and probably be likeable again.” With Ashley now at his side, that may take a while to happen—perhaps all season—but you do have to wonder what that will mean for the love triangle next season.

Season 1 ended with Emily giving Daniel back his ring and telling him he was changing into a Grayson before she planned to tell Jack she loves him. However, if Daniel does indeed make that “complete U-turn,” could he try to go back to Emily, despite what happened with her and Jack? Depending on where Revenge season 2 goes with Jack, Amanda, and the baby, anything’s possible.

Meanwhile, Emily VanCamp knows what she wants to see happen in season 2: “I would love to see more of the white-haired man. I think he is such an awesome villain for the show.” That’s not all, as she’d also like to see the series reveal more about her character’s past: “I love the flashbacks. I like seeing where she went in that eight years that she was training and finding out more about her past and finding out how she became this Emily Thorne character.”

It seems likely she’ll get both in season 2. The white-haired man didn’t seem at all finished with what he had planned—especially if it is revealed that Victoria did not die on that plane—and now that Emily knows her mother is alive, it gives the show quite a bit to explore. Emily could end up seeking out the white-haired man hoping for answers. Flashbacks could also come in the form of exploring more about Emily’s mother, and Kelley has said they have new characters to bring in from those times in Emily’s life that VanCamp points to. It should be quite an exciting season 2 (and too long of a wait before it airs).

What do you want to see in Revenge season 2?

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