‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: Did Victoria Grayson Really Die?

Revenge aired a shocking season finale this week, and now fans are wondering if the series really did just kill off one of the main cast in a firey explosion. What is it with the series and its love of plane crashes? Did Victoria Grayson really just bite the bullet? Or is there more going on here?

This series is definitely known for its twists and turns. Fake Amanda Clarke showing up pregnant is just one of them. Did anyone else start doing the math in their heads when they saw just how pregnant she was when she reappeared with Jack? Revenge season two is promising a lot more drama and intrigue, but will Victoria Grayson be in the middle of it all? From Inside The Box offered this little tidbit of information following the finale:

The biggest question as we look toward Season 2 is whether Madeleine Stowe will return as Victoria Grayson. After all, when a private jet literally explodes, survivors are not to be expected. Fortunately, the chances of a Victoria-free “Revenge” are very slim. The news reporter on the show cited the passenger manifesto as the only proof Victoria was on the plane—and we all know how tricky those Graysons can be. Until we see her body lowered into the ground, we’re counting on Victoria having made other arrangements.

Two were said to die in the finale, but the fate of three hangs in the balance. Charlotte overdosed, and then the two ladies on the plane. If Charlotte dies, then it is safe to assume one of those ladies lived. Last fans saw of Victoria she was boarding the plane. She could have just as easily exited the plane before it took off.

Fans will just have to wait to find out if she lived or died once this series returns in the fall. Emily Thorne is far from done yet.

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