‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: Emily and Ashley’s Friendship, Daniel’s Feelings

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Revenge season 2 began with Ashley and Daniel together, but he’s clearly not completely over Emily. How complicated is that going to get as the season progresses?

Season 2 Spoilers

"Destiny" Photo Credit: Karen Neal/ABCAccording to TVGuide.com, Mike Kelley has previewed, “You’re going to find that Ashley is not a random friend for Emily. There’s a reason that Emily chose her to be her entrée into the Hamptons world, so she’s got a few cards to play against Ashley should she choose to use them.” That’s not too surprising since Emily has been very good at planning her moves, and why wouldn’t that also include those she befriends and right from the start? This also teases about learning more about Ashley; what could Emily reveal if she so chose to? Ashley has been a bit of a mysterious character, as she’s obviously hiding something, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Emily exploit that in some way.

Ashley is clearly out for herself and has her own schemes in mind, but then there’s also the matter of what’s going on with her and Conrad. Something is up there, and it seems like just a matter of time before that comes out. Could Emily be the one to expose that? Will Daniel pick up on the fact that something is not quite right there? Considering how much time she spends around father and son, it seems like only a matter of time, but what happens in the fallout if that does occur could all depend on what exactly Ashley is up to.

That’s not all that Kelley teased, as he also revealed, “Love on Daniel’s side for Emily is going to cause a problem between Daniel and Ashley.” It’s also no surprise that Daniel’s not completely over Emily; it’s easy to see that just in the first two episodes already. How will Ashley deal with that? Could she start doing some digging of her own into Emily if she sees her as a threat? Whatever Ashley ends up doing, she’s not someone who can be trusted. Will Daniel realize that?

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