‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: Emily’s Mother and Other New Characters

Revenge season 1 ended with the news that Emily’s mother is still alive, setting up season 2 to introduce the character and explore more about the past, present, and future for Emily Thorne, aka the real Amanda Clarke.

Season 2 Spoilers

According to TV Guide, Emily’s mother isn’t the only new character coming in season 2. There’s also “Conrad’s ex-wife and kids, Victoria’s mother, people from Emily’s, Amanda’s and Nolan’s pasts, and a new puppy to take the place of dearly departed Sammy.” That last one may hurt the most to begin with, especially after Sammy’s heartbreaking death. However, for now, everyone’s talking about Emily’s mother, and according to executive producer Mike Kelley, “There will be a hunt for her, and she won’t be easy to find. She’s been gone, deliberately, for a very long time. Emily is one messed-up girl, and she’s going to find out the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.” Did you really expect anything different? That should be one big reunion and leading up to it should be intense. What will Emily’s mother think of what her daughter’s been up to? Since she is also “messed-up,” will her mother approve of her actions? How will her mother explain why she’s been gone and what she’s been up to? What has she been up to?

Revenge season 2 already sounds like it should be just as exciting as the first one was, especially with these new characters coming in and the cliffhangers of the first season. With Victoria’s mother coming in, what does that mean for Madeleine Stowe’s character’s fate? Is Victoria dead? Could her mother be coming in for the funeral? It is uncertain still if Victoria was on that plane and if she’ll be part of the second season.

TV Guide also has three possible actresses for the role of Emily’s mother and got Kelley’s feelings about each: Elizabeth Mitchell (“That’s a great idea. This is a psychologically damaged and a highly volatile woman, so anybody who has that ability to turn and scare you would be great.”), Heather Locklear (“She’s somebody who’s sweet but she plays evil and cold so well. Great suggestion!”), and Marg Helgenberger (“I love that idea — a lot! That’s somebody who could kill it. There is something maternal there but very calculating, and she’s able to go to some very dark places. If she injected a little crazy into that, she’d be able to knock it out of the park!”).

While any of those choices would be good and it would be nice to see Elizabeth Mitchell and Marg Helgenberger back on television after Lost and CSI, respectively, at this point, the excitement’s just building since it’s what everyone’s looking forward to. Will the show’s choice live up to people expectations? It is such a crucial role to the series, and it is going to reveal a lot more about Emily’s past and help fans understand more about her character.

What do you think of the latest Revenge season 2 spoilers? Who do you want to see playing Emily’s mother?

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