‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: Emily’s Mother, Flashbacks, and Surprising Connections

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Revenge returns for its second season on September 30, and among the new characters being introduced is Emily’s mother, Kara Wallace Clarke, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. So what can you expect from her?

Season 2 Spoilers

Photo Credit: ABC/Bob D'AmicoAccording to TVGuide.com, Leigh has teased that she’s “only been shooting lighthearted flashbacks”: “Emily’s memories of her mom are all coming back to her. The truths about Kara will be teased out slowly. It’s going to be really dark and surprising.” One of those revelations coming up has something to do with “a connection to the Graysons.” It only makes sense that Emily would begin thinking back to what she remembers about her mother, given that she thought she was dead all this time, and the Revenge season 2 photo TVGuide.com has teases one of those flashbacks. Will there be something in those flashbacks that foreshadows the present?

Emily’s mother, Kara, is a character about whom fans have been eager to find out more. Will that Grayson connection be something that explains why she’s done what she’s done all these years? Will it somehow be related to Emily’s plan involving the Graysons? This can easily be one of the best arcs of the series, especially with Leigh in the role.

Executive producer Mike Kelley has already explained, “This is a woman who has battled demons her entire life. She’s a borderline personality with serious mental disorders. We will learn that her separation from Amanda as a young girl was because Amanda was not safe around her.” Now that should be interesting to see play out. How will Emily react when she finds that out? While these flashbacks should be entertaining, it’s hard not to hope for some scenes in the present as soon as possible to see how Emily reacts to seeing her mother again and what comes out when that happens. Could the Graysons have been involved in that separation for Amanda’s safety? Will Kara find out about what Emily VanCamp’s character has been up to, including switching identities? That’s bound to come out, and you have to wonder if someone else will find out who she really is when Kara shows up.

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Photo Credit: ABC/Bob D’Amico

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