‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: Emily’s Mother Isn’t the Only New Character Coming

Revenge season 1 ended with a couple of cliffhangers, including possible deaths, a twist about the past, and a shocking pregnancy. Next season will be introducing Emily’s mother, and that’s not the only new character coming to the ABC drama.

Season 2 Spoilers

TVLine has reported that Victoria’s mother will be coming to the show and also has a list of suggestions for possible casting. However, it’s still unclear if Victoria is even still alive after that explosion. Did she die on the plane? Is her mother coming back to bury her daughter? It is hard to imagine the show without Victoria, so it seems much more likely that her mother will be showing up for some other reason—unless they decide to play it like Victoria’s dead for some of Revenge season 2 before revealing that she did, in fact, survive and wasn’t on the plane when it exploded.

Victoria’s fate is just one cliffhanger they have to resolve, and it’s likely that her mother coming to the show will somehow be involved in that arc. Hopefully Victoria does survive so that they can show how she interacts with her mother (unless they do flashbacks) and with Emily’s mother as well. Comments from Madeleine Stowe have hinted that Victoria will be part of season 2, since she did say that she thinks her character and Emily’s mother will be “antagonistic toward each other,” though she did add that depends on Victoria being alive.

What do you think of the latest Revenge season 2 spoilers? Who would you like to see play Victoria’s mother?

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