‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: Emily’s Plan, Her Mother, and the Men in Her Life

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Revenge season 2 premieres on Sunday with “Destiny,” and Emily’s priorities will have changed since she was last seen. Things are about to get very complicated when her mother shows up, plus it’s always a bit chaotic when it comes to the men in her life.

Season 2 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCAs if it weren’t bad enough that Emily thought her mother was dead all this time, when she does show up, it’s going to be “a little bit heartbreaking,” as executive producer Melissa Loy revealed to TVGuide.com, since her mother is going to be one more person who thinks she’s Emily Thorne. That means Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Kara Wallace Clarke is going to form a relationship with Amanda instead of Emily. It sounds like very tough times are coming up since Emily’s going to have to see not only Jack with Amanda, but her mother as well. With Leigh coming in as Kara, Loy teased, “We learn the whole backstory and what happens between her and Emily when she was a little girl and why she stayed away all these years.” How long will it be before Emily reveals who she really is to her mother? Will she break as she watches Amanda bonding with her mother when it should be her and could that lead to her telling Kara the truth?

It’s already been teased that Daniel’s with Ashley in Revenge season 2, but what’s most interesting about what’s coming up there is something about Ashley. They’re going to be revealing some of her past, and after season 1 showed that she clearly has her own agenda, that’s something to look forward to. Meanwhile, the other man who was part of the love triangle with Emily in season 1 is not going to be doing well. Loy teased “a downward spiral” for him, and he’s not going to have an easy time. What would you expect after Amanda suddenly showed up pregnant in last May’s finale? At least there seems to be a bright light at the end of the tunnel, as Loy did say, “At the end of the day fans will always be able to root for Emily and Jack, but we hopefully have a long-running show so we have some time to bring them together for good.” Unfortunately, it sounds like that’s something fans will have to wait for for some time. They do have to figure out what to do about Amanda first, and she is pregnant. Will something come out about the pregnancy early on in the season? There are still plenty of questions about just what she was up to when she was off with Takeda and what she could be hiding.

Speaking of Emily and the men in her life, Barry Sloane will be playing Aidan, whom Loy describes as “a possible love interest who will ultimately be part of her plan.” Loy went on to say, “He knows what her past is and how badly she’s been wronged and he has his own version of a revenge story which we’ll learn about.” But will Aidan’s own revenge story end up being a problem for Emily as the season progresses, or will he be a true ally for her? Even though he could be a love interest, it’s not something that will last with that tease about Emily and Jack’s future.

There is another man in Emily’s life, Nolan, who “will always be her No. 1 sidekick,” but Loy also previewed showing more about Nolan, including “someone in Nolan’s life…who comes in as a misfit kind of like him.” As much fun as it is to watch Nolan and Emily working together (and it definitely is), it’ll be nice to see some time spent on just Nolan. There’s more to him than just being Emily’s partner in her revenge plan, after all.

Then there’s the matter of Victoria’s fate, and previews have been pointing to her being dead. All Loy would say is “you’ll learn details gradually, but you’ll know the outcome of it right away.” So it sounds like she’s dead, especially with the look at everyone paying her tribute in this clip. However, she’s not going to be the only one who’s dead in season 2. The season premiere opens up like the series premiere did. There’s going to be “another fatal accident” from a future date which “will be paid off around Episode 14.” Who should fans be prepared to say goodbye to this season?

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Photo Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC

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