‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: Margarita Levieva Returning Means More Amanda

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Revenge season 1 ended with a number of cliffhangers, including one character’s pregnancy—Amanda Clarke, the real Emily Thorne. She has said it’s Jack’s, but considering this show, anything’s possible. Now that’s something they’ll be exploring further in season 2, as the actress, Margarita Levieva will be back.

Season 2 Spoilers

According to Deadline, Levieva is going to be back for season 2, and she’s going to be around quite a bit—”in a minimum of seven of the first 14 episodes.” Considering Amanda’s pregnant and now the reason why Emily and Jack aren’t together (and he doesn’t know everything, since Emily was about to tell him everything), that’s going to mean a love triangle will be present on the show still. Daniel and Emily may be over (though you never know), but Revenge season 2 does have a triangle to focus on with Emily, Jack, and Amanda.

But what will come out about Amanda’s pregnancy over those episodes? There’s no way that will go smoothly—or that she’s not hiding at least something from Jack after being gone all that time. But could she also be hiding something from Emily? What will Amanda being back mean for Emily as she has to deal with not only that, but also with her mother being alive and everything else that comes along with what the Graysons did and who’s behind it all? How will this end for Amanda? It’s hard to imagine her getting a happily-ever-after with Jack considering Emily’s feelings for him, but anything could happen along the way.

What do you think will happen with Amanda and Emily in Revenge season 2?

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