‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: Victoria and Emily’s Mother, Dark Daniel

Revenge season 1 ended with Victoria possibly dead and Emily’s mother alive, plus Daniel heading down a dark path and Charlotte potentially dead as well. The cast has been teasing what could be coming up. What’s the latest?

Season 2 Spoilers

No one wants to believe that Victoria’s dead—and it does seem unlikely—and a recent tease from Madeleine Stowe to E! Online does seem to hint that she’s likely alive: “My understand is we’re antagonistic toward each other.” Stowe is talking about Emily’s mother, a role which has yet to be cast, and she made sure to add that this depends on Victoria surviving the season finale. She went on to suggest Marcia Gay Harden for the role, and she is looking forward to getting the chance to work with whatever actress is cast in the role: “There are great actors on the show, but it would be fun to work with someone who is my contemporary.”

It would be very shocking if Revenge season 2 began with the reveal that Victoria died in that explosion, but as Joshua Bowman said, “She’s not dead. You can’t kill off Victoria!” All fans can do right now is hope that’s how it turns out. If it does turn out that Victoria’s dead, that would mean that there wouldn’t be scenes with so much potential, such as more between Victoria and Emily and ones between Victoria and Emily’s mother.

Bowman also talked about how dark Daniel could get in season 2, especially if Victoria did die: “I mean if your mother died, I’m sure you’d be plagued with guilt. Within the ABC parameter, [Daniel] can’t get too dark, but I’m sure that he’s going to have this kind of M.O. throughout in terms of this sort of darker side to him.” Daniel was on his way to a darker side of himself, and with Ashley by his side now, they did set themselves up for a storyline that could take up a good part of season 2. But how dark will Daniel get “within the ABC parameter”? Things weren’t looking good for his relationship with his mother before she left, and if she’s dead, that will obviously have some affect on him. If she lives, that could lead to a conversation to try to fix that since he thought she died, but anything is possible next season.

What do you want to see in Revenge season 2?

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