‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: What Comes Next after the ‘Reckoning’ Cliffhangers?

Revenge season 1 ended in spectacular fashion—with multiple cliffhangers. Victoria may be dead. Amanda’s pregnant. Emily’s mother is alive. There’s a bigger conspiracy in play. What’s next?

Season 2 Spoilers

TVLine talked to executive producer Mike Kelley about what’s coming up after that explosive finale, and he did confirm, “there was a death … There are at least three people in jeopardy, and one that you didn’t know about. There is definitely a major death that occurred last night. You’ll know in the first episode [of Season 2] who is gone and why.” There’s the matter of the plane explosion and who was on it. There’s also Charlotte and the pills. However, with Kelley calling the death “important” and one that will “be difficult for fans to [accept],” it almost seems to be leaning towards Victoria. How will that impact season 2? It’s hard to imagine the second season without Victoria Grayson, but could that happen?

Kelley also talked about the format of Revenge season 2. Season 1 opened up with the Fire & Ice Ball before flashing back to what led to it, and they’re going to do something similar again. Like Kelley said, “It seemed to really work.” Why would they change that after it worked so well? They’ll be returning to the summer in the Hamptons. There’s going to “be a wedding,” along with “another death,” but Kelley wouldn’t reveal details. It was originally thought that season 2 would begin with Emily’s wedding and showing flashbacks to how she got there, but now it sounds like it’s possible that Emily won’t be the bride (though it’s hard not think she still could be). Even if Emily’s not the one getting married, it seems safe to say that she’ll be affected by who is.

The very end of “Reckoning” revealed that Emily’s mother is alive, opening up the door for a whole new storyline for season 2. Kelley has already begun thinking about casting the role, and he’s looking for someone who “can be very surprising” and “play volatile and dangerous,” since Emily’s mother has “some deep psychological issues,” though she also has “potential for kindness.” There are obviously going to be many issues brought up in this storyline. After all, Emily just found out that her mother’s alive, and this is all part of a bigger conspiracy. This is undoubtedly a big role, one that needs the right actress in it. That could make or break the entire arc. There’s a lot of history to explore there, and not just the fact that she’s alive when Emily thought she was dead all this time. Kelley did say he knows “the history and the endgame with the mom,” so that means this should be a well-thought out storyline, and one that fans should enjoy watching unfold in season 2. It should also allow them the chance to explore a new side of Emily and reveal more about her past—and possibly what could be coming in her future.

With the news that there is a larger conspiracy going on, that means that the series can introduce a number of new characters as well, and that’s what could happen in season 2. Kelley points out that there are characters for them to bring in elsewhere as well, such as from Emily’s past. That also involves Takeda, who is quite the wild card. It’s uncertain just what he’s been up to, not just to fans, but to Emily as well. After all, there’s the whole matter of Amanda. It’s uncertain what happened after he picked her up after the beach, and then she turns up pregnant in the finale.

Speaking of that pregnancy, it’s just making the love triangle of the show more complicated. Emily was just about to tell Jack everything when Amanda revealed she was back—and pregnant. Emily left instead of saying anything, but there’s no way that’s the end of that story. Instead, now there’s going to be “an epic battle for Jack’s affections,” a battle that Kelley describes as “a tough one.” Amanda’s pregnancy was quite the twist in “Reckoning,” but according to Kelley, it wasn’t the only one coming for Amanda on this show: “When we reveal where Amanda’s been and what exactly has happened in the interim and what her reason is for coming back, it’s going to be another big Revenge surprise.” Is Takeda involved in what happened to her? Since he was with her for at least some time and did tell Emily he took care of her, it seems more likely yes than no, even before Kelley said “he’s definitely been involved in shaping what happened with Amanda in these last six months, and for a very specific purpose.”

Emily and Daniel may be over (and hopefully for good after that ending), but there’s the possibility of a new love interest for Daniel already in Ashley. Especially in recent episodes, Ashley hasn’t seemed to hesitate to stir up some trouble, and that could be coming in the second season if something does indeed happen between the two. It does seem to be leading that way, especially with Daniel getting “even darker next season” and “reverting back to the person he was before Emily came into the picture, and also feeling his DNA, which is Grayson through and through,” according to Kelley. Ashley has seemed to have her own agenda that guides her through what she does, so who knows what she could end up doing with Daniel.

Finally, there’s the matter of Nolan. He spent season 1 helping Emily and finding his way to being a favorite for many fans. In season 2, Kelley’s hoping to find a new love interest for Nolan and take the opportunity to reveal more about his family. That could be interesting, and he does deserve some storylines of his own after being around for Emily in season 1.

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