‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: What’s New About Nolan?

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Revenge will be back with its second season next month, and while everyone’s of course wondering what will happen now that Emily knows her mother’s alive and what’s next for the Graysons, there’s also Nolan to be curious about. What’s coming up for him?

Season 2 Spoilers

In addition to a new female love interest, who may have already been cast in Dilshad Vadsaria, who will be playing Padma, someone in his company, Nolan has much more coming up in the second season. According to Entertainment Weekly, Gabriel Mann has said that season 2 will feature “a leaner, meaner, bigger, badder Nolan”: “I think [he’s] very tired of being tied up and tortured last year. How about I throw out [the word] karate? I’m going to throw karate out there. Whatever you want to do with that.” Since he’s going to continue to help Emily with her plan and there’s no telling what they’ll get involved in with the new pieces to this puzzle, he may very well need to be able to defend himself. He can’t rely on bodyguards to protect him, but it sounds like he may not need to.

Revenge season 2 is going to see more of the Emily-Nolan partnership, though each will have things going on. Nolan does tend to deliver some pretty good lines (“Revengenda,” anyone?), and hopefully that continues this season. In fact, being “leaner, meaner, bigger, [and] badder” may offer him the chance for more of those lines, so this should be a fun season for Nolan fans.

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