‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: Who Is (Or Isn’t) Emily’s Mother?

Revenge season 1 ended with the promise of a new character coming to the show for its second season: Emily’s mother. While there were a few cliffhangers involving characters’ lives hanging in the balance, the final moments raised one big question for Emily: What happened to her mother?

Season 2 Spoilers

According to TVLine, Emily VanCamp has said that the identity of Emily’s mother will likely be revealed in the second season. While there is a theory that Victoria could be her mother, VanCamp doesn’t seem to think that will turn out to be the case: “Emily’s mother wasn’t part of the flashbacks because she wasn’t around during her childhood. I will say I don’t think it’s Victoria. I will tell you that.” She is looking forward to seeing what the storyline has in store for her character. There are plenty of ways this can go down in Revenge season 2. While it would be something to see them reveal that Victoria is Emily’s mother—and it would take them on quite the journey—it doesn’t seem likely that she is. There’s already been talk about casting of the role, and unless they’re trying to trick everyone, it does look like her mother is someone that has yet to be seen on the show.

As it is, Victoria’s fate is uncertain. Was she on that plane? Is she alive? Could she have been on the ground when it took off? For now, everyone’s assuming that she’s dead, and even if she is alive, she could come home to find she’s lost a daughter. Charlotte took those pills, and while it’s very possible she’ll live, this is bound to impact everyone. After all, Charlotte is Emily’s sister—though Charlotte doesn’t know yet who she really is—and this could put Emily in a tough situation. Could she reveal herself to her? VanCamp did say, “Charlotte is going down this dark path and Emily is expected to keep an eye on her and there’s only so much my character can do. It’s too early to tell how much Emily is allowing herself to feel.” That could end up being something they address in the second season, especially if Victoria is, in fact, dead and Charlotte does live. Emily could end up taking on a big sister role to her even if she doesn’t reveal that she is, in fact, her sister.

What do you think of the latest Revenge season 2 spoilers? What’s your theory about Emily’s mother?

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