‘Revenge’ Season 2 Spoilers: Who’s Playing Emily’s Mother?

Revenge‘s first season ended with quite the cliffhangers. Victoria and Charlotte’s futures were uncertain, Amanda showed up pregnant and thwarted Emily’s plans with Jack, and Emily learned that her mother is alive. That last character is someone everyone’s been talking about, and now the role has been cast.

Season 2 Spoilers and Casting News

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jennifer Jason Leigh will be playing Emily’s mother, and creator Mike Kelley has said, “What you’re going to discover about the woman who was Emily’s mother is the circumstances under which they were separated and you’re going to find that there’s some deep psychological issues with her, which I think is going to be fun for us to explore. For Emily, she’s going to start seeing some of the psychological damage that her mother has in herself.”

Revenge season 2 should have some very entertaining confrontations coming up. What is Emily going to find out about her mother? Since it has been revealed that Madeleine Stowe is part of the season 2 series regulars, fans can now start to imagine what that confrontation is going to be like between Victoria and Emily’s mother since the latter character now has a face. Leigh should be able to take this role and make it what it should be: a strong character with “psychological damage” who can rival any of the cast in a scene. Now it’s just a matter of “wait and see” for when Emily will be reunited with her mother and how that will play out on screen. Will she tell her mother what she’s been doing? What has Emily’s mother been up to all this time?

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