‘Revenge’ Season Finale ‘Reckoning’ Recap: Bombshells and Tears

Revenge season 1 ends with episode 22, “Reckoning.” Emily yells for Daniel and claims a man broke in. Daniel’s briefcase is empty. Emily gives him a description of the white-haired man, which Daniel passes along to Conrad.

Emily calls Nolan (and gets his voicemail) when she finds a blocked hard drive with the evidence. She finds his door open and his laptop open. As instructed, she calls his cell. She tells the white-haired man, who has Nolan chained up, she’s Amanda Clarke and sets up a meeting.

Conrad has his team go through Grayson Manor. They find the bugs in the study. He warns Victoria their adversary has the evidence and they’re all targets. Emily meets with the white-haired man. She lets him know she has the evidence, but he has to take her to Nolan. She has no choice but to knock herself with chloroform because he threatens Nolan’s life.

When she comes to, she’s chained up next to Nolan. The white-haired man gives her the chance to tell him where the evidence is in exchange for letting Nolan live. Though she says she doesn’t care if he lives, she tells him it’s in a locker when he approaches Nolan. He has one hour before an email goes out alerting the authorities.

Emily has a lock pick on her and frees herself and Nolan, who says, “I’m not worthy.” She makes him leave to deliver the box to McGowen. He has to, or it’s all for nothing. She tells him to tell Jack she loves him if she doesn’t make it out.

Charlotte gives Declan and Jaime advice on getting an extension for an assignment. She tells Declan that Jaime seems nice and she’s happy for him. Jack finds Daniel at the office and gives him back the check. Once he leaves, Ashley mentions that Jack’s not exactly a saint, and it involves Emily. When Charlotte gets home, she calls up an investigator for information on someone “bullying [her] daughter.” Conrad tells Lydia he needs to disappear while he plans his next move. He offers a token of appreciation for her continued loyalty: a ring.

Nolan texts McGowen to alert him to the evidence in his car’s trunk. Emily’s waiting with an ax when the white-haired man returns. He tells her Grayson was supposed to take the fall, but she’s there because of how David died. She swings at him, and the fight that follows ends with her holding the axe to his throat. She remembers setting a bird free after it ended up on their porch, and David made her promise not to lose the fact that she loves everything and everyone. Emily lets the white-haired man go. He thought she was there to honor her father. “I just did,” she tells him.

McGowen meets with Victoria and tells her that Lydia recanted her testimony and the evidence reveals that Conrad hired someone to kill David. Daniel’s waiting when Emily gets home with questions about Jack. She admits to kissing him, and Daniel wants to know why she was with him then. She explains she’s not the person he fell in love with and points out he’s changing too—into a Grayson. She gives him the ring back, and he says goodbye.

The white-haired man tells Conrad he didn’t take the evidence, which he last heard is with McGowen, who’s going to DC to present it to a judge. He winks into the camera as Emily watches and suggests to Conrad that he leave town like he’s planning to.

Daniel tells Victoria he and Emily are over, and she brings up turning over the evidence. He tells her someone intercepted it and asks her to drop it as her son. She says it’s time for the truth to come out and Conrad had David murdered. Daniel argues that he must’ve had a good reason. She slaps him. She knows she’s done terrible things, but she’s not going to let anyone stand in her way of fixing that.

Victoria calls Lydia with one last attempt to sway her mind. Lydia tells Conrad her father had a heart attack and she has to leave. Nolan breaks out the champagne, and Emily thanks him for his help. Now that she and Daniel are over, she’s planning to tell jack everything. They toast to David. Charlotte strikes, sending out a link to Jaime’s past to everyone and ruining things with Declan (possibly) for good.

Victoria goes to see Emily, who offers her her engagement present back. However, Victoria tells her to open it. It’s empty—just like Victoria knew their future would be.

Emily brings Sammy’s collar to Jack. He says it belongs to Amanda, who walks out—pregnant with his baby. Emily congratulates them, and Amanda says she’s glad it was her with Sammy since she couldn’t be there. Emily leaves and begins crying.

Charlotte turns to Victoria for advice on getting retribution before Victoria goes to leave for the airport. Conrad shows up first, warning her that people above him decided David’s death and if she gets on the plane, it will be the last thing she does. She leaves.

When Nolan finds out what happened, he tells Emily not to do anything until he gets there. As Victoria boards the plane, the white-haired man walks away from it. Charlotte sees a news report of the plane exploding, and upset, tries to reach out to Declan. He tells her they’re done. Conrad finds her unconscious, pills on the floor.

As Emily watches the news report, Nolan joins her and tells her he backed up the hard drive with the evidence. The Initiative handled the cover-up, and it goes past the Graysons and what they did to David. He plays her a video showing Victoria talking about Emily’s mother. She’s saying she’s alive. The last words of the season are Emily’s “Let it play.”

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