‘Revenge’ Season Finale Review: The Day of ‘Reckoning’

The Revenge season 1 finale, “Reckoning,” had pretty much everything you would want and more after the season it had. There were some Nolan lines to love, Emily and Nolan friendship, the resolution of the love triangle (at least for Emily), possible deaths, an explosion, and a shocking twist just as everything seemed about to work out.

For a couple of episodes, up until the moment came for her to actually do it, Emily had been planning to kill the white-haired man. That would certainly have changed things, and though there’s no doubt that she could have found a way to make sure she didn’t end up facing the consequences of it, she did the smart thing in the end and let him live, after remembering her father made her promise not to forget that she loved everyone and everything. Because of that, in the end, she did honor David. However, if she had killed him, the episode would’ve ended very differently, which just showed that this was the right move (and decision by the writers).

It wouldn’t be a season finale (especially for this series, which began with the death on the beach before flashing back) without big possible deaths, and there were two of those. Despite her son begging her not to and Conrad warning her getting on the plane would be the last thing she ever did, Victoria headed for D.C. to finally tell the truth and seek redemption. However, she wasn’t counting on the white-haired man posing as a worker around the airplane, and moments after take off, the plane exploded. Back home, Charlotte watched the news, tried to call Declan, and got rejected. Conrad found her unconscious, pills on the floor.

While it would be hard to imagine the show without Victoria (how could you not want to see Madeleine Stowe on your television each week?), it wouldn’t be as bad if Charlotte’s actually dead (though it’s more likely that she lives). Hopefully there’s some sort of twist where Victoria got off the plane right before it took off. After all, don’t you want to see Victoria find out Emily’s really Amanda? While Charlotte’s fate wasn’t as surprising since the promos had been showing an arm with pills falling to the floor and though Victoria’s could have been predicted as well, Victoria’s was still very shocking. The series definitely ended its season on a high note.

While her sister was upset over the possible death of her mother in that crash, Emily was upset as well—but for a very different reason. She thought she had lost any chance of having her father’s name cleared, but then Nolan came to the rescue. He had wisely backed up the hard drive, and a video on it revealed that Emily’s mother is alive. They had to find a way to open up the story for more to be told in Revenge season 2, and what better way than to change what Emily always thought about her mother, reveal more about Emily’s past, and show just how high up this cover-up went?

Speaking of Nolan, he continued to show why he’s one of the best characters on this show. You may want Emily with Jack, or you may want to see her with Daniel, but whichever side you come down on, you have to love it when she has scenes with Nolan. Their friendship is the strongest relationship on the show. They’ve had their ups and downs, but in the end, he is someone she can rely on to do what’s best for her—even if she doesn’t think so at the time—and to be her voice of reason if needed. Their scenes had to be among the best of the episode (as always). As long as the show continues to highlight their partnership, it’s doing something right. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Revenge episode without some good Nolan lines, including his “I’m not worthy” as Emily freed them from their chains.

Finally, there’s the love triangle to address. It did finally come to an end, at least for Emily (and at least for now), as she gave Daniel back his ring and went to tell Jack everything. Instead of Emily getting at least some happiness in her life, she was hit by another bombshell: Amanda’s return—and pregnancy! Yes, just as Emily was preparing herself to spill everything to the man she loves, Amanda showed up and revealed that she was pregnant with Jack’s baby. Though that’s obviously something that opens up the storyline for next season, it still meant that Emily and Jack still aren’t together. It complicates things, which is exactly what you expect from a good season finale. Emily had known that Amanda could be a thorn in her side, but it’s doubtful she ever expected that to happen. It did serve its purpose though and kept Emily and Jack apart longer. It’s going to be a long summer waiting to see what happens next.

What did you think of the Revenge season 1 finale, “Reckoning”?

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