‘Revenge’ Spoilers: Did Something Happen Between Ashley and Daniel?

Revenge had a number of shockers in the final moments of its season finale, and fans are still speculating about what happened and what will happen next when this series returns this fall. One little scene that aired in the final moments have fans speculating about Daniel and Ashley, played by Joshua Bowman and Ashley Madekwe. Did the two hook up during that little drink they shared?

Now Daniel was heartbroken over the split with Emily, and Ashley was the one that told him all about Emily kissing Jack. The two sharing a drink could lead to nothing more than a drink and a new friendship when the series returns. However, this series has given fans a number of twists and turns over the season. Is it that unlikely that Ashley and Daniel shared more than that drink that night?

Think of it this way—why show them together alone at all if it didn’t mean something important? Daniel and drinking has been shown to be a bad mix, so him sleeping with Ashley would not be surprising at all. She certainly wouldn’t stop him. Ashley has not been the best friend to Emily to begin with either. She has said a number of comments about her friend throughout the season.

Where would this hook up lead to though? Would Daniel and Ashley be a good match? Or is this a match that will set more trouble in motion when season two of Revenge rolls around?

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