‘Revenge’ Spoilers: How Could Victoria Grayson Have Survived?

Revenge fans are still wondering about the season finale while they wait to find out what will happen next. One of the big shockers in the season finale was the supposed death of Victoria Grayson, but the fate of three characters hangs in the balance and those involved with the series have said only two died in the season finale. That means it is very possible that Victoria Grayson didn’t die in the plane crash. That would mean her daughter is the one to die of an overdose, and Lydia also died.

How could Victoria Grayson have survived the explosion on the plane? Wet Paint has their own speculation about the plane crash and those on it at the time of the explosion. It is very possible Victoria, played by Madeline Stowe, never stepped foot on the plane. The final moments show her walking towards it, and then the scene cuts. Seconds later news of the plane crash is reported on the news for Emily Thorne, played by Emily Vancamp, to see.

How could have Victoria survived? Three theories have surfaced. Victoria was either taken from the airport and into witness protection, she knew about the bomb on the plane because she was working with the white-haired man, or she decided not to testify and didn’t get on the plane. Theories one and three are less likely. Knowing Victoria, it is very possible she was also working with the white-haired man behind her husband’s back.

However, it is just important that she didn’t get on the plane at all. Watching Victoria Grayson each week on Revenge is a treat. Killing her off now cuts so much out from the series. Emily could use her around. It is Victoria that talks about her mother. Killing Victoria Grayson now only seems to be a waste.

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