‘Revenge’ Spoilers: What Will Happen With Nolan Ross in Season 2?

Revenge wrapped up its first shocking season earlier this week, and now fans wants to know what will happen next. Season two is already promising a lot more drama. The twists from the season finale alone will have fans glued to their television sets come fall. What about Nolan Ross though? What can fans expect out of him next season?

Mike Kelley does have plans for Nolan, who is played by Gabriel Mann. He has stood by Emily, played by Emily Vancamp, throughout her journey. He might have gone against her a few times, but he did it to try to keep her safe when he did. Nolan cares about Emily, and he wants her to succeed. He just doesn’t want her to die in order to do it. What did Kelley say about Nolan though? He said the following about Revenge Season two, according to Wet Paint:

“We’ve opened up the world to a larger conspiracy and to the search for family, which is something that Nolan has been on his whole life, really. He’s got a family of his own, whether it’s sisters or brothers — and I reserve the right to explore that. We also would love to get an appropriate romantic interest for him; I’m just not certain what shape that’s going to take yet.”

Nolan’s aunt was introduced near the end of the season, so it would be good to see more of his family arrive. As far as a love interest goes, fans of this series would agree that sanity is a main requirement. Tyler and Nolan were a sight to see, but Tyler was white-coat crazy. Nolan needs to be with someone who won’t try to kill him.

What do you think? Are you ready to see more of Nolan?

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