‘Revenge’ Spoilers: Who Is the Father of Amanda’s Baby?

Revenge shocked many fans with its season finale, and one of the biggest shockers was fake Amanda being there at Jack’s bar when Emily arrived to tell him everything. Not only was she there, but she was oh so very pregnant. This reveal now has fans wondering who the father of her baby is?

Wet Paint jumped in with its own thoughts. It could be Jack’s baby, and it could even be Tyler’s baby. Last fans saw fake Amanda Clark, she was being driven off by Satoshi on the night Tyler died. He was supposed to keep her away from everything for Emily. With Amanda’s reappearance, it is obvious he didn’t do the best job of that.

Of course, he could also be teaching Emily a lesson as well. Now, if he is the father, it will be obvious as soon as Amanda delivers. If it is Tyler or Jack, it might be a bit harder to tell without a DNA test. Of course, there is also another option. She could have slept with some random guy away from all of the action in Emily’s life. That is always a possibility, but that is also not likely. That would almost waste the pregnancy as a plot point for the series.

Amanda’s pregnancy and the identity of the father could be the next bomb to drop on Revenge. What do you think? Who is the baby’s father?

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