‘Revenge’ Spoilers: Who Should Play Emily’s Mom?

Revenge ended season one with the big bombshell that Emily’s mother was alive, and now the search has begun for someone to play the coveted role of her mother. The series is one of the hottest on television, and it has been able to bring in big screen talent for its first season. It isn’t every day you see Madeline Stowe take on a role on television.

Emily’s mother has been missing for over twenty years, but a few clues have been given about the character. Not only would Emily have achieved her looks from the woman, but her ability to handle herself in a fight as well. Emily’s mother is also mentally unstable. TV Line did toss out some possibilities for the casting. Some names mentioned Michelle Pfeiffer and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Now, Mitchell would be a bit on the younger side for the role. She did appear on another ABC series in the recent past as the mother of an 18-year-old. Emily is about twenty-six though. Mitchell has appeared on both Lost and V, so ABC does seem to love her work as an actress.

Who else could fit the role? Could fans see someone like Jennifer Aniston or Uma Thurman take on the role of Emily’s mother? Both have done television work, so it wouldn’t be entirely a stretch to see them back on television.

The series is on the hunt for this role though. What do you think? Who should be cast in this role on Revenge?

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