Reverend: Obama Job Success Failure Due to Racism; Limbaugh Says Obama Stoking Racism

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With the economy suffering and gas prices increasing claiming Obama job success as Commander-in-Chief would be a stretch for his election campaign, and that’s not even taking into account the current racial controversy about the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case. Therefore, President Barack Obama appears to be failing in his job; but Reverend Joseph Lowery is laying the blame for all Obama’s administration failures at the feet of racism, according to CBS. Yesterday WND reported that radio host Rush Limbaugh thinks otherwise, telling his audience that when it comes to racism, it is Obama who is stoking that fire.

There’s no question that the White House wants this kind of chaos and unrest in the culture,” Limbaugh said.

Lowery, on the other hand, says that Obama wants to do the job he has been elected to do, but “People who are so bitterly opposed to the Obama administration are not only concerned about issues that they claim to be concerned about, but they are against Obama.”

And that’s why he says that the Obama job success has been so dismal.

So which is it: Obama has failed to do the job he said he could do four years ago because too many white people are ganging up on him, or he has failed to fix the economy, reduce gas prices and encourage civil rest because he doesn’t want to?

Neither man’s opinion seems right, as it is often not such a black and white world (forgive the unintentional pun).

Despite some opposition in the Congress, Pres. Obama has managed to pass one of the most extensive health care overhauls in the country during his administration. That is evidence that he, not his opposition, controls Congress for the most part.

In addition, despite Rev. Lowery’s proclamations to the contrary, it seems that Pres. Obama isn’t failing to right the economy due to his racism opposition, since he did manage to raise the nation’s deficit several times during his administration—even with Republicans saying they wouldn’t sign.

But they did.

Pres. Obama’s job failures, therefore, seem to be more along the lines of his failure of the right ideas and implementation than due to someone sabotaging them at the racial level. After all, he enjoyed a large number of white and other race voters in addition to his support from the black community in 2008, and the polls insinuate he still enjoys a high approval rating, right?

Rush Limbaugh, however, like Joseph Lowery, appears to have gotten it wrong as well, since it makes more sense for Pres. Obama’s re-election campaign to have a calm and non-violent country than one experiencing “chaos and unrest,” as Limbaugh says Obama is championing.

Pres. Obama isn’t advocating from any White House speech this writer has heard for blacks in the country to rise up and attempt a violent overthrow of white America. But Limbaugh is right on one front: Obama could do more verbally to diffuse the potential racial tensions in the Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman conflict.

So when it comes to racism causing Pres. Obama not to be able to do his job, Lowery may be right in one sense: Obama, and his DOJ appointee Eric Holder, might be too preoccupied with righting past civil rights wrongs to focus on the job at hand: Healing and moving forward a struggling nation.

And, certainly, the administration’s passionate position in favor of George Zimmerman’s prosecution, which is also held by the DOJ, who Angela Corey said yesterday had sent lots of lawyers to help with the investigation—pales in comparison to taking any action or position on the New Black Panther movement bounty on Zimmerman.

And putting a bounty on any man’s life is certainly a punishable crime in this hate crime and racially tense time. So where is the persecuted president on this racial issue?

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