Review ~ Neglected But Undefeated by Jonathan Anthony Burkett

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My heart just broke for Jonathan Anthony Burkett as I read his true story “Neglected But Undefeated”.  I could feel his pain as he felt unloved and unwanted just by reading his words. This book is filled with stories of a life of struggle, pain and confusion but in spite of these trials, Jonathan came out a winner because he grew from these experiences.  It was so sad, yet so uplifting to see that in spite of what other people do, there are still those who are stronger than the storms that plague their lives. I guess we all need reminding at times that we have so very much to be thankful for.  This book reminded me of that.

 I rate this book a 5 star. . I highly recommend this book but do warn  the reader that it is hard to read at times due to the trials that are spoken of. If you want to be reminded that others have trials worse than most of us, this is the book for you.


About the book:


 This book is a surprising, dramatic, unbelievable and heartbreaking story of one young man who  went through trials and tribulations, feeling unloved, unwanted, never needed, and unexpected, from a lady that he had finally understood was his true mother (the one he was told loved him the most in the world no matter what she does and says to him). Growing up, he feels like there was and could not be any future or purpose for his life because he was being told that he could die any day.


About the Author:

Jonathan Anthony Burkett was born in 1987. He told himself, that he would never give up, regardless of the trials and tribulations. He decided to write in order to help himself move towards a brighter future for himself; and also because he knows that’s what his Grandparents want for him.

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Information and Where To Purchase The book:

ISBN-10: 0985297077 

ISBN- 13: 978-0985297077 

List Price: $15.99 Softcover, $3.99 Kindle Format

Page Count: 294

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I received this book free in exchange for a review.  This fact has no impact on my review. I give honest reviews.



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I am just a simple country gal. I have been married to my best friend for over 34 years. We have two beautiful daughters, two Son In Laws and four grandchildren. My family is the most important thing to me. I love them dearly. I love life to the fullest.

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