Review of “Royal Pains”

“Royal Pains” is back on USA for another wonderful summer season.  Set in the Hamptons, surrounded by the beautiful ocean views, this is the perfect summer television series.

When Dr. Hank Lawson lost his position at the hospital where he was a top specialist, his brother Evan decided he needed a vacation, and took him to the Hamptons.  While there, Hank helped save the life of a prominent resident, Boris, who then hired Hank to be the resident concierge doctor, and offered him and Evan his “guest cottage” to live in as pay for his services.  If you haven’t seen the show yet, Boris’ “guest cottage” is bigger than most houses.  So, now Hank works for the rich and prominent residents and guests of the Hamptons, while also helping the less fortunate with their ailments when needed.  As his friend and local hospital administrator Jill likes to say, he’s like a modern day Robin Hood.

The second season has Hank helping Boris with his lifelong, hereditary condition that’s slowly killing him.  He’s researching different ideas with other doctors around the world in an effort to save Boris’ life.  But Hank has to deal with some of his own family demons: his father has returned after being absent from his and Evan’s lives for almost 20 years.  Hank found out in last season’s finale that Evan has been in touch with their dad for over a year, and he was helping them financially.  But suddenly, their account was empty, and Dad disappeared again.

This season, Henry Winkler joined the cast as the boys’ long-absent father, returning to their lives with the “borrowed” money.  But he’s not going anywhere, as he’s been taken in by Hank’s patient, and long-standing Hampton resident, Ms. Newberg.

Adding more drama to the series is Hank’s Physician Assistant, Divya.  Divya comes from a traditional family whose plans for their daughter was business school and an arranged marriage.  In last season’s finale, Divya chickened out from telling her parents she wanted a different life, and became engaged to her intended.  Will she go through with the wedding at the end of the summer?  I see a cliffhanger coming up…

So look for Hank to work on solving Boris’ medical mystery, deal with his father, and work on his relationship with Jill (oh, did I forget to mention that?) this season.  And enjoy the views while you watch.  You can catch “Royal Pains” on USA Thursdays at 10pm.


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