Review on A Woman’s Guide to Hair Loss and Excess Hair

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I finally got a chance to fully look over A Woman’s Guide to Hair Loss and Excess Hair , by the Harvard Medical Professionals.  Gather asked for a review of it  and I am only too happy to share my opinion with everyone. 
This is the most comprehensive and informative book I have read on hair.  The authors seem to cover everything.  I learned the anatomy of hair, the life span of a hair follicle, and even exactly why and how the hair turns gray.
The book offers suggestions for maintain a healthy head of hair.  It covers conditioners and shampoos and other hair care products.  They explain which treatments damage the hair and how one minimize or avoid such damage.  They even provide information on wigs and hairpieces.
I was especially interested in the hair loss information because that has become a problem for me.  I found out that there are many causes for female hair loss.  Some hair loss is reversible while some is not.  The book offers suggestions for fixing the problems that are reversible.  It also lists ways of minimizing permanent hair loss.
There is also a section on excessive hair or the hair that grows in places we don’t want it.  The book does a wonderful job of explaining the reasons why this occurs.  It also goes into depth about hair removal treatments.  It gives detailed explanations of various procedures, how well they work and the general cost of each one. 
Finally, we learn about diseases and disorders of the scalp or hair follicle.  We also learn about skin conditions that can be related.  I could get all of the important stuff into this review.  There was so much.  I recommend reading it if you get the chance.  Even if you don’t have a problem with hair loss or excess hair, you will learn a great deal and probably have a healthier head of hair in the future.  While they use some technical terms, they explain them well and even offer a glossary, The book is easy to follow and above all, quite interesting.  I am glad I got the opportunity to read it.  I also thoroughly enjoyed the related chat I participated in last week.

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