Review: ‘Super 8′ an Engaging and Thrilling Throwback

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Can a sci-fi thriller cause one to shed a tear? J.J. Abrams answers that question in the affirmative with “Super 8,” a gripping and exciting tale of finding one’s place in the world amidst tragedy. Family drama and heart-stopping action meld together to create one of the most memorable box office hits of the last 10 years.

Young protagonist Joe, played to perfection by newcomer Joel Courtney, recently lost his mother in a tragic work accident. His emotionally absent father tries his best to stay strong and navigate parenting alone while Joe carries his mother’s necklace in his pocket, bravely trying to face the world. His current mission: complete a zombie film with his friends to win the prize at an upcoming film festival.

During shooting, the kids stumble across something terrifying. Warned against telling anyone, the only clues they have are their own recollections and the secrets contained on their 8mm film. As people and animals begin to disappear from their rural town, the kids know they have a job to do. But first, they have to figure out who or what is behind the terrifying string of disappearances coming dangerously close to claiming their own.

Among the mayhem, “Super 8″ has a heart to match the pulse-pounding action. While the genre-bending occasionally unsettles, the film’s genuine and emotionally gripping nature make its journey believable. The childlike awe of Steven Spielberg’s early work pulses through J.J. Abrams’s film, breathing life into every frame.

“Super 8″ is an adventure film with lots to love. Suspension of disbelief has never been easier than when experienced through the lens of a child. For nearly two hours, audiences will remember exactly what that sense of wonder feels like.

As the credits roll, one can only hope there’s more to come from super-duo J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg.

“Super 8″ is currently showing in theaters and IMAX.

Rating: A

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