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The 14th annual Teen Choice Awards took place in Universal City, California on July 22. The awards show honours the best in music, movies, television, sports, fashion and more as decided by teens. Winners are given surfboards instead of traditional trophies in categories such as Choice Hottie, Choice Vampire and Ultimate Choice.

The Good
The TCAs definitely had their good moments. The musical performances by No Doubt, Flo Rida, Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen were all pretty impressive. The stars played recent hits, showed off well-rehearsed dance moves and made a valiant effort to disguise any lip-synching. This award show also does a great job at keeping things moving fast. The speeches are short and they lump awards together so winners only have to grace the stage once while the announcer reports all of their wins. The best part of the evening: the birthday surprise for Selena Gomez! After winning a Choice Music: Group surfboard for her band Selena Gomez and the Scene, Selena was surprised with cupcakes and a birthday serenade by the entire audience. It was really sweet and a 20th she certainly won’t forget! Another shout-out: Taylor Swift who rocked a gorgeous cut-out white dress and continues to impress with heart-felt speeches, numerous wins and constant dancing and singing along to all the musical guests.

The Bad
Unfortunately, 2012’s TCAs also had a few sour spots. The co-hosts Demi Lovato and Kevin McHale had forced chemistry at best. Their unfunny jokes and random segments (baby photos and tattoos!?!) didn’t help things. Most of the presenters fell victim to bad teleprompter lines and awkward pairings (Adam Rodriguez gave Jordin Sparks a thong while Paul Wesley watched…). The worst offense of the show might be the obvious wins. If it has a vampire in it, odds are it’s a winner. It’s hard not to find fault in the teen’s choices when Kristen Stewart wins multiple awards for acting and Katy Perry’s concert movie wins Choice: Summer Movie Comedy.

The Ugly
Surprisingly there was not a lot of ugly at Sunday’s show! Most of the celebs dressed to impress in simple summer frocks on the pink carpet. Again, “top honor” is going to have to go to the show’s co-hosts. Demi walked the pink carpet in a slightly horrifying bold mini-dress with eye-crossing stripes and feathers. Her bionic pony-tail didn’t help matters. And her partner in crime didn’t start the night off much better. Kevin wore camo/giraffe print pants, bowler shoes and an oddly color-blocked top. Separate, these pieces may have worked, but together it looked like a mess. Thankfully, both switched into more flattering ensembles later in the show.

Overall, the Teen Choice Awards were a fun two hours of expected winners, pleasant performances, mostly well-dressed celebs and awkward banter. Sounds like the teens have done it again! Wonder which hunky vamp will win in 2013?

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