‘Revolution’ Episode 4 Recap: “Plague Dogs”

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The fourth episode of Revolution, “Plague Dogs,” deals more with reunions and departures than answering some of the burning questions that have arisen in previous episodes. Miles, Charlie and Nora meet up with Aaron and Maggie in Lowell, and, with information gained from a stray member of the militia, they set out on their way to catch up with Danny, who is still held prisoner by Captain Neville’s soldiers.

A bunch of vicious dogs chase the group and nearly chomp down on Aaron, but Maggie saves him by shooting one of the dogs with a crossbow. As the group recovers from that excitement, Miles tells Nora that he plans on abandoning the mission to save Danny. Charlie overhears the conversation and is dismayed. Then, Nate/Whatever-His-Real-Name-Is shows up, and Miles takes him prisoner.

The dogs reappear and chase them into an abandoned diner, but Maggie gets caught by the dogs’ owner. He stabs her in the leg before she gets away. Once inside, Maggie announces that she’s bleeding out. Maggie remembers how she tried to find a ship back to England to reunite with her children and how Ben Matheson saved her from suicide when she finally gave up. While Charlie and Aaron try to stop the bleeding, Miles and Nora take to the rooftop to try and figure out a way to get past the dog pack.

Maggie tries to convince Charlie and Aaron to leave her behind because they can’t lose any time in catching up with Danny, but they refuse to leave their injured mate to die without trying. So, Maggie insists that her only hope is in Charlie and Aaron performing surgery to close the artery. In the middle of prepping for surgery, the dogs’ owner snatches Charlie. When Miles and Nora return, Miles releases Nate, and they take off to retrieve Charlie.

Meanwhile, there’s a big storm brewing wherever Captain Neville’s men and Danny are. Danny somehow senses the danger and convinces Neville to take shelter, despite the fact that they can make it to Bass by dawn if they press on. They locate an abandoned building, and Danny escapes amid the commotion. As he is running away, Neville tackles him. A tornado, however, is appearing, and they barely make it into a storm cellar for shelter.

Once Neville and Danny are alone, the captain makes an attempt to bond with his prisoner. He says Danny reminds him of his own son, but, basically, it’s a cutthroat world where you have to do what’s necessary to survive. The ceiling collapses, trapping Neville, and he pleads with Danny to save him before a sink falls on his head. Danny pulls him out of the rubble in the nick of time, but Neville immediately places him back under arrest, saying he is just far too important to let go.

Back with the core characters, the psycho dog man has rigged up a crossbow to shoot Charlie in the head if someone opens the door. He talks about how Charlie reminds him of his own daughter that died from tetanus after stepping on a nail, but he takes off after Charlie doesn’t act too enthused about staying to live with him. Miles and Nate overtake the guy in a hallway and rush to free Charlie, not knowing that the door is booby-trapped. Fortunately, Charlie is able to dislodge her chair some by rocking back and forth, and the arrow narrowly misses her head as Miles and Nate rush in.

When they return to Maggie, Aaron has finished operating on her leg, but Maggie says she has simply lost too much blood to survive. Aaron places a children’s book and her iPhone in her lap, and she dies. Miles now realizes just how much his new-found family means to him and promises to stay.

The episode concludes with a flashback of Laura leaving a tearful Charlie, Danny and Ben to supposedly seek supplies. She says she will only be gone a couple of months and starts hiking down the road. She arrives at a camp, finding Miles in uniform and tells him, “I came…like you asked. Miles, you promise me…just promise me I’ll see my kids again.”

What did you think of this episode of Revolution? Were you surprised that Maggie died or that Rachel left her family at Miles’ request? What other secrets do you think will be revealed in the coming episodes?

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