‘Revolution’ Recap: Episode 3, ‘No Quarter’

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The last episode of NBC’s Revolution gave viewers a far fuller notion of how its present tense situation began with the Monroe militia and where the future is going. Peace within the nation or even within the tortured characters, however, is not on the nearby horizon.

Miles, Nora and Charlie made their way to the rebel camp in an abandoned restaurant to produce the sniper rifle, but they found it in a shambles. The troops had recently faced off with the militia, resulting in about a dozen dead and most of the remaining freedom fighters injured. The few that aren’t shot up or dead, including a priest with whom Nora has an affection for, have turned the headquarters into a makeshift hospital.

Miles introduces himself and Charlie with fake names, which leaves Charlie a little confused, but she plays along, quickly moving to play nursemaid to a shot young man. Miles questions the rebel leader, the priest, about the battle, and it seems they have one man unaccounted for. He points out that, if the militia has captured a prisoner, their location may no longer be a secret and none of them are safe.

That is, indeed, the case. Militia troops, headed by a man named Jeremy, are meanwhile questioning their rebel prisoner a mere four miles away. Jeremy waxes eloquently about the scarcity of beautiful bullets while playing Russian Roulette with the prisoner. Finally, the captured rebel caves and reveals his camp’s location, then Jeremy wastes one of his precious bullets on the frightened prisoner.

Back at the rebel base, Miles is pleading with everyone to just pack up and leave before they have to encounter the militia, but Nora and Charlie insist on staying to patch up the injured as best they can. It isn’t long, however, until Jeremy’s troops arrive with the intent of leaving no man alive. There is one thing the militia hadn’t expected, however, and that is a rebel sniper with fancy new rifle on the roof picking soldiers off one by one. So, Jeremy and his men must fall back and wait for the ammo to run out.

Inside the rebel base, everyone is arguing about whether to fight or flee with Miles arguing the case to run away. Since they are surrounded by Jeremy’s men, escape is problematic. Miles has a bright plan, announcing “We’re gonna Shawshank our asses out of here,” meaning they need to tunnel out while the rooftop sniper buys them a little time. Although the brilliance of Shawshanking is debatable, they don’t really have any other option, and they start digging with a soup pot and other unlikely utensils.

Elsewhere, Danny is still Captain Neville’s prisoner, and he’s catching flack from the best friend of the man he killed with a crossbow in the first episode just before his capture. Whenever Neville isn’t around, the bitter soldier tortures Danny for revenge. Danny ends up faking an asthma attack to get close enough to strangle his torturer with his chains. He doesn’t kill him, but he says, “Touch me again, and I’ll kill you.” Danny may well regret leaving the soldier alive in future episodes.

Aaron and Maggie make their way to Grace’s house, but no one is there, and it is clear there has been a recent struggle. Aaron finds evidence that Grace had built a computer and surmises that she actually had power. This gives them hope, and they search the house in hopes of clues. As they take a rest in Grace’s living room, Aaron holds up the medallion thingie, and a CD player comes on. He excitedly listens to Marvin Gaye, and Maggie gets a look at the screensaver of her kids on her iPhone. The power then goes off again.

Back at the rebel base, the tunnel collapses as their sniper runs out of bullets. Jeremy and his men bust in, but Miles captures their leader amid a sword fight, buying the rebels a little more time. He ties Jeremy to a chair and tries to work out how to exchange the commanding officer’s life for theirs. Miles probably should have gagged Jeremy because he spouts off an unsettling revelation about Miles’ past: “This is Miles Matheson, commanding general of the Monroe Militia, damn founding father of the Republic, second only to Sebastian Monroe himself. He taught me everything I know.”

Charlie and the priest get themselves all worked up about Miles’ past, but Nora seems none-too-surprised about her ex-boyfriend’s involvement with the militia. Miles shifts the focus back to their present danger, saying, “Now you know why the militia cannot be stopped. Because they’re mine. I trained ‘em, and they are brutal and smart and vicious ’cause of me.” Since the militia is unstoppable, they need to be figuring out their escape instead of quibbling about the past.

Apparently, there have been some changes to the rules of engagement since Miles’ involvement in the militia. The exchange of Jeremy’s life for theirs is not an option, so Miles strikes a different deal. He offers his own life for those of Charlie and the remaining rebels, so Miles goes off with the militia while the rest go free.

That’s not the end of it, however. Despite what Charlie thinks about Miles’ past, he is nonetheless family, and she won’t simply leave him behind. She and Nora intercept the militia on a bridge, setting off a few key explosions, and they take Miles back, leaving Jeremy and his men powerless to follow them.

Will Jeremy catch up with them in the next episode of Revolution? Is Danny the object of more torture? Most importantly, will Aaron and Maggie discover how the mysterious power device works? Viewers will just have to tune in next week to find out.

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