‘Revolution’ Recap: “Soul Train”

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In episode 5 of NBC’s Revolution, Charlie and Miles race the clock to rescue Danny from Captain Neville’s clutches. Neville waits with his troops for crews to clear the train tracks to Philadelphia so he can take Danny to Bass and finally see his wife, Julia, after a year of searching for Miles and Ben. Yes, there is a steam-engine train up and running, spelling bad news for Charlie and Miles if they can’t get to Danny before he is put on board.

Miles and the crew with Nate/Not-Nate in tow as a prisoner finally catch up with Neville and aren’t too thrilled at the news that the train is set to depart the following morning. They split up, leaving Aaron to guard Nate, to see if they can figure out where Neville is hiding Danny with the promise that, if one of them even gets a whiff of Danny’s whereabouts, she will track down Miles to deal with it. Nora, however, has a plan of her own and hooks up with another rebel in town, Hutch, so they can blow up the train.

While Charlie is performing reconnaissance, Neville himself approaches her, asking who she is and what she’s doing. She thinks fast, giving the name Sara McGill, and says she is spying on her boyfriend because she thinks he’s cheating on her. Neville buys the story and tells her anyone that would cheat on her is a fool, and he takes off. Charlie ignores her promise to Miles and follows Neville on her own.

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Unsurprisingly, Neville notices she is following and threatens Charlie with a knife. Fortunately, Miles comes to the rescue just in time, but the cat is out of the bag that Charlie is Danny’s sister. Both Miles and Charlie escape, but, with Neville knowing about their presence, he moves Danny again and steps up the schedule for the train’s departure.

Nora and Hutch ready the bomb on the train, mixing gunpowder into the logs necessary to run the steam engine. That way, they don’t have to use an unreliable fuse. Meanwhile, Nate escapes as Charlie questions him about where Neville might be hiding Danny. It’s not long until they figure out Danny is already on the train, and it’s preparing to take off to Bass in Philadelphia.

Nora starts feeling guilty about endangering Danny with the bomb; she had hoped Miles would find him before the train’s departure. She tries to retrieve the bomb, but Hutch stabs her in the side. Miles and Charlie hop on the train and search the cars from the outside for Danny, leaving Aaron to take care of the injured Nora.

Charlie finds the car with Danny alone with Neville, and Danny spots his sister in the window. He jumps on Neville, and Charlie forces her way inside. Just as it seems they may have a chance of escaping together, Nate grabs Charlie from behind, and Neville is able to regain control over Danny. Elsewhere on board, Miles finds the bomb and throws it from the train just before it explodes. During the distraction of the explosion, Nate lets Charlie go, telling her to watch her head as he tosses her from the train. Miles also jumps ship, and they watch the train leave them behind.

The crew re-groups, and it looks like Nora will be okay despite her wounds. Charlie doesn’t want to waste any time getting to Philadelphia, although she admits it is likely a suicide mission. Everyone else agrees to help.

The train arrives safely in Philadelphia, and Neville is reunited with his wife, where it is revealed that Nate is actually Captain Neville’s son. Laura, accompanied by Bass, sees Danny arrive beaten to a pulp. To protect her family from any more tragedy, she agrees to help Bass. She draws a picture of one of the mysterious pendants, and tells Bass the first step to getting the electricity back on is to find all 12 of them.

What did you think of this episode of Revolution? Were you surprised by the big reveal that Nate is Neville’s son? Do you think Miles and Charlie stand a chance of rescuing Danny now that he’s in Philadelphia?

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