‘Revolution’ Spoilers for Episode 2: Chained Heat

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The season premiere of NBC’s Revolution introduced viewers to the trials of a small band of characters coping with life 15 years after a mysterious incident wiped electricity from the face of the earth. Many people have had to leave the cities for their own safety, and the pilot focused on a small community that evolved outside Chicago, seemingly led by Ben Mitchell, who has some insight into what shut the electricity off throughout the world–never to return.

Since the fall of the government, a militia known as the Monroe Republic has taken charge, and it won’t rest until it has Ben and his brother Miles, a trained killer also believed to be privy to information about the blackout, in its custody. During a scuffle with the militia, Ben dies and the soldiers take Ben’s son, Danny, instead. As Ben dies, he requests that his daughter, Charlie, seek out Miles for help in recovering Danny from the soldiers headed by the nefarious Captain Neville.

So, an unlikely band of bow hunter Charlie, town doctor Maggie and former Google executive Aaron set out on the trek to Chicago to enlist Miles’ help. After surviving a bandit attack, the trio arrives at Miles’ bar with an undercover agent for the Monroe Republic that seems to have developed a crush on Charlie. Only after an intense fighting scene against the militia does Miles agree to help his niece save her brother.

The second episode promises even more action and intrigue than the first. Although Miles has some pretty impressive killing skills–even when drunk on scotch, the band of misfits has little chance of taking on Monroe’s soldiers without a little help. So, Miles leads the group in a search for Nora, another trained killer who is part of the rebel forces against the Monroe Republic (headed by one of Miles’ old military buddies).

Aaron, who was entrusted with a mysterious medallion by Ben prior to his death, lifts some of the burden of secrecy by confiding in Maggie. As Danny witnesses the violence Captain Neville is capable of and, understandably, fears for his life, Miles hatches a plan to save him. That plan involves sending Charlie straight to the enemy armed with a concealed weapon on her wrist. To see how it all ends, however, you’ll just have to watch Revolution on Monday night.

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