‘Revolution’ Spoilers for Episode 3: No Quarter

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The second episode of NBC’s Revolution introduced new intrigue into the mystery of why the electricity went down 15 years ago. Charlie’s parents, Ben and Elizabeth (who is still alive and held prisoner by the Monroe Militia), had prior knowledge before the blackout, and, somehow, the company they worked for was involved. The third episode, No Quarter, promises to shed even more light on the past.

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Nora will lead Miles and Charlie to the rebel forces to bring the rifle they stole from the work camp. Although Miles and Charlie are wanted by the militia, it doesn’t necessarily mean the rebels will be their allies. Miles has a pretty big skeleton in the closet, and the rebels know about it. He actually founded the militia that oppresses them all.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Maggie set off in search of Grace to deliver the medallion on their way to rendezvous with Miles and Charlie. Although they don’t really know what their cargo is, they suspect it holds the secret to how to restore power. Will they even find Grace, however? At the end of the second episode, Grace seems to be in grave danger.

Danny is still Captain Neville’s prisoner, but he becomes more confrontational with his captors. If he continues to mouth off, will Danny even make it to the Monroe headquarters alive? With Danny as a bargaining piece for Bass, will the mother, Elizabeth, give up the information the Monroe Militia so desperately wants? Watch Revolution next week to find out.

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