Rezwan Ferdaus: Terror Plot Foiled

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Rezwan Ferdaus grew up in Massachusetts. He has a physics degree from Boston’s Northeastern University and he is a radical Islamic wannabe terrorist, who had an ill-conceived plan to blow up the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol building with bombs that were to be flown into the buildings using model airplanes.

Rezwan-Ferdaus.jpgAfter being convinced that America is evil from jihadist websites, Ferdaus began his plot and sought out explosives from what he thought were members of al-Qaeda, but were actually undercover investigators, as reported by Fox News. The websites and videos that made such a big impact on Ferdaus were not specified, but one wonders how a man with a bright future could possibly be indoctrinated from afar in such a manner?

The plan was well thought-out, Ferdaus even went to Washington, where he could conduct surveillance and used a rented storage area to work on his planes. “I just can’t stop. There is no other choice for me,” according to a recorded conversation detailed in an affidavit filed in court.

The potential killer’s lawyers argued that the FBI dismissed evidence of psychiatric problems during their time monitoring him, as he was prone to depression. Rezwan Ferdaus accepted a 17-year plea deal, as reported by MSNBC. Ferdaus mother was inconsolable during the hearing. How sad that a promising young man would become so blinded by hatred to accept the idea that terrorism was a solution. His future has been effectively altered forever.

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