RFK Jr.’s Wife Mary Kennedy Charged Again with Driving Under the Influence – Drugs This Time

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RFK Jr.’s wife faces drug charges after being caught driving under the influence in Hudson Valley, New York. These charges come just one month after she pleaded guilty to driving while impaired with alcohol.

Mary Richardson Kennedy Pulled Over by Police on Saturday

Mary Richardson Kennedy had her license suspended following last month’s charges and guilty plea. However, in some instances she was able to drive. Kennedy was pulled over by police on Saturday after she was caught speeding on Taconic State Parkway.

According to MSNBC, Kennedy said she was going to her yoga class. Was yoga one of the special situations in which she could drive? Now she faces charges of driving under the influence of prescription drugs. She is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday. It is likely that her previous violation will play in to the type of punishment she receives in this case. Thankfully Kennedy has been stopped before she ended up hurting somebody. However, she absolutely has to stop driving while impaired. It is dangerous to herself as well as other drivers on the road.

Although she and RFK Jr. are reportedly getting a divorce, hopefully the Kennedys will make sure that she gets the help that she needs. There is obviously something going on with her.

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